Zenmed for Rosacea: My Hubby Tests Out This 3 Step System

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Zenmed for RosaceaThe Huz (my newest nickname for my husband) is a man of many things, unfortunately one of those things is a rosacea sufferer. He has a small yet stubborn patch of rosy red rosacea under his left eye that he absolutely despises, not to mention he itches.

It’s one of those frustrating skin issues he’s dealt with for years and hasn’t been able to resolve…and I’ve had the pleasure of listening to it now for years.

While I love him no matter what he looks like, he would prefer to live with out the redness and inflammation. I suppose I can’t really blame him.

Ever the DIYers, we tried using homemade rosacea treatments first. While chamomile compresses and essential oils are great, they tend to work best on unexpected flare ups. It was time to look into an equally good, cost effective, everyday product.

It’s no secret that we love our Zenmed products. They are made from good quality ingredients, the price point doesn’t hurt and they work great. When we found out they had a rosacea line, we instantly got in touch with them…and may have even taken part in a leaping high five.


But I digress.

The fantastic folks over at Zenmed were gracious enough to send him some of their products all the way to Thailand.

And if we didn’t love ’em before, we sure as heck do now! We even shot a video together so Josh could rave about Zenmed and what it did for his skin. Well, rave as enthusiastically as any Aussie can possibly muster up!

Just click play to check it out!

After just a few short days of using the product we saw results. But before we get into that let’s chat about the product itself.

Zenmed Skin Support System

The Zenmed for Rosacea Skin Support System comes with 3 products:

Intended for use by anyone who was recently diagnosed or simply suffering from unexplained redness and blotchiness, this system has a gentle touch.

There are three things about this system that make it so great.

First, the natural anti-inflammatory botanicals are specifically designed to reduce flushing and redness by constricting your blood vessels.

Secondly, antibacterial agents help keep pores clear and unclogged to prevent possible bumps or pimple breakouts in the affected area.

Finally, collagen boosters strengthen and maintain your skin’s integrity because rosacea has a tendency to weaken your natural collagen structure.

Intended Results vs. Josh’s Results

Zenmed outlines a week 1, week 2-3 and continuous use result pattern for this product.

During week one, they claim bumps and blemishes begin to disappear and your skin feels more nourished and radiant.

During weeks 2 and 3, redness should be significantly reduced as blood vessels under the skin are restricted.

With continued use your complexion should be evened out, hydrated and clear of redness.

That’s a pretty impressive change to see in such a short period of time. So what did Josh have to say about the Zenmed for rosacea line? He loves it! I mean, so far the pictures speak for themselves – it’s only been 3 weeks yet his rosy patch is virtually gone.

 But let’s get into specifics…

First off, Josh really dug the Gentle Cleansing Cream because it was just that; gentle. It felt more like a moisturizer than a cleanser going on, but afterwards he said his face felt smooth and there was no burning sensation on the rosacea affected skin.

He found the Anti-Redness Mask gooey looking, but surprisingly not thick. Done twice weekly for 15 minutes before going to bed, it soothed his skin.

Again, there was no burning or uncomfortable sensation which he liked a lot…even if he complained a little about having to sit there with a mask on his face for 15 minutes.

Finally, he applied the Support Serum every night before bed after using the cleanser. It’s super thick, but a little goes a long way. Also, he said there was absolutely no irritation on his skin after using the serum.

His one recommendation; don’t use it before a workout. He did this once and found his skin feeling pretty oily.

So far he’s been using it for about 3 weeks now and is loving the products – which is highly unlike my rough and tough Aussie husband.

What He Didn’t Like About Zenmed for Rosacea

While the redness has all but disappeared, the biggest change Josh mentioned is that his skin has become slightly more sensitive.

He recently tried using my daily exfoliating scrub (which he has used plenty of times in the past) and it felt abrasive against his skin, whereas before it didn’t.

We’re not entirely sure why this would have happened, but if that’s the worst thing he’s experienced during his use of the Zenmed for Rosacea line then he considers himself pretty lucky.

After all, the redness is gone, the itch is gone and I have a happy hubby on my hands. Life is good!

Want to Get Rid of Your Roscea? Click Here to go to the Company’s Main Website and Learn More About Zenmed for Rosacea

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