Winter Skincare Tips – Because your skin deserves more!

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Winter Skincare Tips

*Guest Post by Emily*

Hoodies, hot cocoa, boots, jeans, pretty colours, crisp air and flushed cheeks!

As the days shrink, the temperatures drop gradually and air turns out cold and dry, it feels good to drag out our comforting warm clothes after bidding goodbye to our shorts and swim suits. But since this is a time of transition, the changes need to be applied not only to our clothes, but to our skin care regime too.

Here are some of our handpicked winter skincare tips so that it stays as fabulous as the year’s last, loveliest smile.

Time to Review the Beauty Routine

It’s that time of the year when you need to revise your current skin, body and hair care schedule. Replace any outdated product from your dressing table, and try making a trip to your favourite salon for a facial and full body massage session. After all, if the start of the season is polished, the body stays glowing even during the harshest winds.

Hydration = Healthy Skin

The dry harsh air gives a distinct cool crispiness to the winter winds and thus results in a subsequent loss of moisture from your skin. While you take care of yourself from the outside by investing in some good quality moisturizers, do not forget to keep yourself well hydrated from inside by consuming ample amount of liquids.

Herbal teas, hot coffees and other warm drinks prove to be a miracle healer for your chapped skin while keeping you cozy from the inside.

Exfoliation is Key

The sunbathing sessions, swimming pool vacation and beach holidays bring along a curse of chlorine, saltwater and sun damage which takes a toll on your skin throughout the summers.

So what could be the best time for reversing the damage by pampering your skin through exfoliation? Yes, you got that right!

Using an oil based scrub or a good quality skin peel hydrates and helps the moisture penetrate deeper into your skin besides removing the dead cells. Just remember not to overuse the product as it can result in an uneven flaky skin if applied in excess.

Moisturizer is Your Best Friend

After the scrub prepares your skin for ushering in the moisture, apply the right body oil, lotion or cream formulated according to your skin type. This provides both protection and prevention from parched and rough feel of the surface.

For dry or combination skin types, an emollient works wonders and as far as oily skin is concerned, hydrating oil free formulas and serums go along well. Also, use a non petroleum based lip balm on your lips for best results.

Do NOT Ditch that Sunblock

So did you think it’s time to pack in your sunblock too while packing all the swim suits and sleeveless tops? No honey, sunscreen is still an inseparable part of your beauty regime since your skin needs protection from the harmful UV rays that can cause aging and wrinkling even during the winter months.

A sunblock offering minimum of SPF 15 and containing finely milled titanium oxide is the best option to pick.

Remember, winters are all about getting cozy and pampering yourself which includes both mind and body rejuvenation. Keeping in mind all these tips we provided, you can keep your body supple and smooth even during the chilly holiday season and continue to glow and stay as beautiful as you are.


About the Author: I am Emily Kristina, a skin care professional who loves to update myself with the latest happenings going on in the beauty industry. As a woman I love to share and gain knowledge about anti-aging treatments. I tried skincare treatment by Dermology solution and recommend it strongly. 


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