What Is Acne? The 411 on Acne and a Free Infographic!

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Holla sistahs!

We’ve taught you all sorts of different acne remedies – from acne face masks to spot treatments, pore tighteners to backne remedies.

We’ve put together a free 4 week program to blast blemishes naturally and we’ve reviewed some devilishly potent acne products.

But one thing we haven’t done is break it down to the root of the problem and explain exactly what the hell acne is.

To answer that burning question we put together an infographic that’s not only ridiculously cute but gives you the 411 on acne.

Free Infographic: What Is Acne & What To Do About Acne?

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What Is Acne (And What To Do About It)?


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  • 85% of all people have acne at some point in their lives. [Click to tweet]
  • 60 million Americans are suffering from acne right now. [Click to tweet]

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  • Great article. Love your blog! I am an Esthetician/Makeup Artist in New Orleans and will pass your blog info to clients! To lazy to write my own.

  • hahahaha thank you! We’ll take your laziness if you take our posts and give them on to your clients 😉

  • Can you review Clinique’ Acne Solutions? I have been recommending it for years. I am an Esthetician and find it cheap and effective for light to moderate acne.

  • Hmmmmm we’ll have to take a look at it and see what we can do :-)

  • Hi,
    This is really interesting !
    This infographic deserve to be shared through all social medias :)
    Great work !

  • Thanks Dima, happy to hear you are digging it :-)

  • Vanessa, Thank you for your infographic article. It is not only beautifully composed, but also carries the main information what at least everyone of those ‘lucky 85%’ human population should know. After such an article, I am now looking forward to visit this site from time to time to look through the updates. :)

  • How can i save this to my computer?

    so amazing and perfectly clear.. really helps me understand everything with the photos..

    I would appreciate if I can please know once you respond to my comment.. last time I didn’t get any notification when my comment was answered :(

    Thank you guys for everything! Happy i found this site and looking forward


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