Vampire Facial Treatment: Show Us Your V Face!

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How to make your own vampire facial treatment

This week’s post is about to be a bloody mess…no, literally.

If you haven’t seen that wickedly horrific photo of Kim Kardashian with a blood-stained face then you have been living under a rock, my friend.

A few weeks ago Kim K. tweeted about her Blood Facial, aka. the Vampire Facial treatment.

When I googled it, not much information was available. What I understood was that basically a doctor takes a small sample of the patients own blood and injects it into their face. Somehow, this is supposed to reduce the look of aging.

Completely unsatisfied with this description, I sought out more information from a local doctor. And by local, I mean on the other side of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area for you non-Canadians) which is a ridiculous trek for someone who only uses public transit.

Explaining the Vampire Facial

First and foremost, the vampire facial consists of a little more than just your own blood. In fact, there’s a little crime scene science behind it.

As many of you may know, most anti-aging clinics use injectable fillers to treat your wrinkles and lines. The same is true of the vampire facial treatment.

The doctor takes a small sample of your blood and processes it to extract the platelets. These platelets are then used to create a dermal filler which is then injected into the patient’s skin.

Since it’s your own blood being used, the chance of having an adverse reaction is nearly non-existent.

How Is it Supposed to work?

We already know that increased circulation and therefore, better blood flow helps skin rejuvenation by increasing cellular production, so I wasn’t too surprised to find that this is the vampire facial’s claim to fame.

By injecting your blood back into your skin, you help speed up the rejuvenating process, while also stimulating collagen production. The increased collagen helps fill your fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and lips.

Though there has been a lot of debate over whether or not this treatment works, I did come across a rather interesting study from Harvard University.

In 2010, the nerds of Harvard discovered that blood from young mice could be used to reverse the signs of aging in older mice. It’s not exactly clear how this happens, but it has something to do with aging stem cells and the body’s inability to reproduce certain tissues with age as a result.

If this theory was applied to the vampire facial treatment I can only imagine how much freakier and effective it would be.

Hmmm….maybe I should patent that idea!

An At-Home Alternative

Since this type of anti-aging facial treatment isn’t exactly replicable at home and is absolutely not advised, I’m going to offer you an alternative.

The basic principle of this treatment is to stimulate cell production in your face to gain a more youthful appearance and this can easily be replicated at home.

A simple facial steam bath can help expand your blood vessels, allowing greater blood flow to your face. The added benefit of the steaming is that it detoxifies your pores and clears away impurities that can give your skin a dull, aged appearance.

All you have to do is boil 3-4 cups of water, pour into a bowl and sit with your face in front of the steam at a safe distance. Sitting approximately 1-2 feet away from bowl should be sufficient to avoid scalding. Add some lavender essential oil and you’ve got yourself an at-home spa treatment!

This may have been one of the more disturbing skin care trends I have had the pleasure to look into. If you’ve ever tried it yourself I’m bleeding with curiosity to hear all about it.

HeHe! See what I did there? Blood joke….a poor one, but whatever!

Hit up the comment section below and let me know if the vampire facial treatment is something you would ever consider trying!

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