The Best Anti Aging Cream – Our Updated Lifecell Review

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Lifecell is like no other anti aging cream on the market. It is one of the only anti aging creams we’ve come across that wasn’t suffocating under a million bad reviews from unhappy customers who experience zero results. 

In fact, it is quite the opposite.

When Lifecell launched onto the market it was revolutionary because it could make you look younger in just 17 seconds.


This isn’t our first rodeo when it comes to writing a Lifecell review. We thought since it’s been a few years we’d revisit it all and see what’s new.

Dying to hear more? Then read on for our updated Lifecell review…

What is Lifecell?

lifecell roundLifecell is an revolutionary anti aging cream that contains light reflecting ingredients to bounce light away from the teeny tiny cracks in your skin that form wrinkles. That’s right. It turns out wrinkles are only seen because light casts shadows on your skin making them more visible.

By reflecting the light away from them it instantly makes your wrinkles less pronounced.

Now you’re probably thinking that this is just an illusion – it’s not really taking years off your face. So here’s even more good news – Lifecell doesn’t just give you instant results, but it also contains potent anti-aging ingredients that work to protect your skin from future wrinkles.

Lifecell works to repair and rejuvenate your damaged skin cells for healthier, younger looking skin over the long term.

How Does Lifecell Work?

This incredible anti aging cream contains so many awesome ingredients like antioxidants and anti-irritants.

Dithiolane-3 Pentanic Acid is an anti inflammatory which is also ripe with antioxidants. It helps reduce inflammation and swelling in the skin that may cause you to look a little on the haggard side.

Ascorbyl Palmitate contains vitamin C and helps boost collagen production. Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin tight and youthful. This ingredient also helps lighten hyper pigmentation like sun spots and age marks.

Deanol is responsible for producing the organic chemical acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps reduce sagginess in skin by firming up the muscles underneath your skin.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 mimics results similar to those of Botox. It prevents your facial muscles from working overtime so they can be more relaxed. It essentially gives your facial muscles a little vacay.

Finally, Ubiquinone is a potent antioxidant that fire powers your collagen and elastin production for most lush skin.

Benefits of Lifecell

We love that this anti aging cream offers instant results and with regular use, tackles the root cause of wrinkles and fine lines. Often anti aging products only serve one  purpose, to hide your signs of aging or to actually repair them. Rarely do we see a product that does both.

We also like that Lifecell offers a 30 day trial. You can test out Lifecell without having to pay any money and if you like what you see you can purchase it.

Here’s what a few happy customers had to say about it:

“I ordered this product and loved it! It was all that I imagined and more. I saw results almost immediately after I started using it and now people are always commenting on how good my skin looks. I recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a quality face cream. “ – N. Lyons

“I have honestly used just about every cream out there – you name it, i’ve tried it. Even prescription Renova, Retina, Jan Marini, La Mer, Hydroxitone, etc. So so many. have very reactive skin and liked this had such a good guarantee. Pricey, but when you add up all the other products you use -serums, night creams, eye creams, etc., and add into one, its really not that bad. I was amazed at the results. The crows feet that had become a big issue for me, became less apparent to a point they hadnt been since my young twenties. […]. I would recommend and I am sticking with it.” – Shawnee

What We Don’t Like About Lifecell

Our biggest issue with Lifecell is its price point. As you know know, we love budget friendly anti aging solutions, and this is not one of them. It costs about $189 for a 2 month supply, which is a heck of a lot more expensive than many other options on the market.

That being said, when you buy through the official website you have access to their 30 day free trial PLUS you become a VIP member after the trial and can save $40 from your next purchase.

Where to Buy Lifecell

I’ll admit that when I find something I want to buy I usually hunt around the internet for the lowest price. The problem with this is you can end up with knock offs that are not nearly as superior as the original.

The same goes for skincare products.

The best and safest place to buy Lifecell is off their official website. Ordering is simple as their site is easy to navigate and the payment process is easy and secure.

–> Click Here to Buy from the Official Website Now <–

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an awesome product that will not only give you quick results, but help you look younger for longer, then Lifecell is for you. Though not the cheapest option, when you consider how much you could spend buying junky products that don’t even work, it’s worth your dough.

We would be surprised if you weren’t happy with your results from Lifecell and definitely recommend it.

Have you tried Lifecell before? If so, share your thoughts in the comment section below and help your fellow skincare sister make a decision!



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