Our Trilastin SR Review And We Ain’t Stretching The Truth

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Are you like so many others out there who would love to find a solution for those pesky stretch marks that so many of us seem to suffer with? You’re not alone, millions of men and women have unsightly stretch marks that they would love to cover up, but the problem is finding the right solution.


In the past few months we have been seeing product after product come out that all seem to promise the same thing, relief from stretch marks, yet rarely deliver results.

It can be difficult to find the right solution for you, so when we started hearing a lot of buzz about a stretch mark cream called Trilastin SR, we decided to do some research and see if it is actually all it’s cracked up to be.

What our team found was pretty interesting.

What Exactly is Trilastin SR?

To many of us who have both gained or lost weight, are into body building, have had a baby, or have just over time developed stretch marks, you know how irritating it can be trying to find the right product that works for you.

But before I dive into the explanation as to what causes stretch marks and how to get rid of them, I shot a video of our experience using Trilastin SR over a 6 week period. Curious to hear about my experience and check out my results? Click play.


These unsightly marks on our skin start to become visible once our elastic fibers, which bind the skin, become overstressed resulting in small tears in our skin that appear as stretch marks.

Through reading countless Trilastin SR reviews, we discovered that our skin has the natural, yet amazing, ability to grow as we grow. However it still has it’s limitations. We most often see stretch marks form after having been pregnant, after gaining weight, bodybuilding, as well as any quick growth spurts which are quite common during puberty.

We found the Trilastin SR special formula works to quickly and efficiently reduce the look of stretch marks on your skin, giving you fast results in only a couple of weeks.

Trilastin SR cream also helps to provide your skin with optimal elasticity which helps to avoid any dermal tearing. It does this by providing the skin with all the essential elements it needs to foster the natural generation of both collagen and elastin; the two most important elements in properly binding your skin.

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Should You Buy Trilastin?

We’re sure if you are thinking of making an order, you are wondering does Trilastin SR work, I mean, does it really work? Well, if I’m using my own experience as a basis then yes, it does work and it works like a freakin’ charm!

However, I can’t say with 100% certainty that it will work for each and every one of you.

Though I did discover that this proven advanced, hypoallergenic, and powerful formula does actually help to a degree to stimulate continued cell regeneration in most customers leaving them with positive and visible changes to their stretch marks, while also working to thicken the epidermal layer.

This further helps to even out the skin’s surface and help in the repair and fading of the existing striae, leaving the user feeling satisfied with the minimizing of their stretch marks.

I found it encouraging to discover that Trilastin SR is effective for just about any user regardless of their age, sex, skin colour, or length of time they have had stretch marks.

What It Can’t Do

While I personally found this cream to be an effective ointment for all different types of stretch marks, there is one thing it cannot do and that is act an an effective treatment for deep scars that are a result of injury, botched surgery, or other medical procedures.

For treatment of more severe scars you should talk to your doctor or dermatologist and follow their advice given that you trust their opinion. Until you discuss with your doctor the best option for you, hold off on buying Trilastin SR so that you don’t waste your money.

What Real Users Have Are Saying

While the team here at BES have found this to be an effective solution for stretch marks, it is always best to hear what real customers have had to say about using the product:

I usually dont do this, but Im really really impressed with this product. I dont have endless gripes about my physical appearance, but I was starting to get really down and obsessive about my old and new stretch marks. I received this as a christmas gift (per my request) and can honestly say, this many months later, that its made a definite noticeable dent in my stretch marks. I think the people who have given negative reviews are looking for total disappearance. Please consider that there is NO product currently out there at this time that can do that, so any product that actually makes a serious difference in texture and color is a true success, which this product does. there is no cure for stretch marks, but trilastin is a proven treatment in my opinion.

Melissa McCormick, March 5, 2010, Amazon.com

This product is good but I thought it would have been a little better. My stretch marks are going away but still very much visible after a month of use. My stretch marks are over five years old. But hopefully I will see more results in the near future.

The Diva, January 10, 2009, Amazon.com

The BES Verdict

While there certainly isn’t a miracle cream that will completely banish your stretch marks and dermal scarring, I believe that Trilastin SR is an effective solution that works to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks all over your body.

However, one thing you should be clear about before you buy Trilastin SR is that you do some price comparisons to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

While some customers find it frustrating that you can’t buy it in stores, there are some fantastic deals to be found around the web.

We were initially surprised to see that the best deals were not found on the big merchant sites such as Amazon, eBay, or even Walmart.

In fact, the best deal we found was actually on the Trilastin main site, where they offer competitive prices as well as a 60 day money back guarantee.

Simply put, Amazon sells the stuff for $84 whereas the main website, offers the same order of Trilastin SR for $79.95 plus the 60 day money back guarantee if you decide you do not like it.

What is even better is, if you order a 2 or 3 month supply of Trilastin SR cream from the company’s main website you also receive free shipping, which is always an appreciated discount amongst online shoppers.

By ensuring you find the best deal when looking to buy Trilastin SR, you can rest easy knowing that you are not wasting your money and are taking a positive step in the right stretch mark-free direction.

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  • I bought this product cause I have tried any creams out there including StriVectin-SD. For my 25 year old scars of stretch marks having 4 kids and 2 are twins, so just imagine all the stretching with havig a big belly of twins and gaining 70lbs with it. My belly, hips, thighs and buttocks were really scared by them. Well I decided to just give it one more try with Trilastin SR and so far in my 20 days use I am happy with what it has done. My stretch marks are a bit lighter not only that the depth is as well filling in. Was a bit shocked that it would give me the results it did in so little time. I know now for fact that if I continue to use for a few months they will be barely there and that will make me so happy to barely see the nasty stretch marks vanished. So for those that are thinking about it I will tell them give it a try, but remember you have to use it as directed twice a day and it will take time so don´t rush in seeing results in a week or two. You will feel your skin smoother in the 1st 2 weeks then after that you will see them lighter and filling in day by day just give it time like it says. Within 4 weeks you should see a drastic change on them, so imagine what t will do in about 8 weeks.

  • Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop on your progress Luz! SO happy to hear Trilastin is working wonders for you, that’s great news! And just in time for summer too! Holla!

    Keep up the good work and thank you for your lovely comment :-)

  • o.k after my post at the beginning of July I am about 4th weeks and guess what my stretch marks r more filled in and a bit even in color. The loose wrinkled skin below my belly button is getting firmer, so I am very happy with my 4th week results. I will continue to use until I get where I want. Yes, this cream is a bit expensive, but the results you will get you will be very happy and very worth trying it. No, I am not getting paid or am I in anyway a fake poster. Will keep you posted. I don´t post pics cause I am shy to post my body on the net,I guess u will have to take my words for it as a user of the cream.

  • Luz, SO happy to hear you are seeing such great results with your Trilastin!! And after only 4 weeks? Holla!! You must be pumped to see what progress you have made after 8 weeks!

    We couldn’t be more pleased to hear you are having a great experience using it…please keep us in the loop on your progress!

    Thanks for the wicked comment :-)

  • Hi, I would like to try this cream, where can I buy it?

  • We have linked the site where you can buy Trilastin right above this comment section :)

  • I have been struggling with stretch marks since I was 10. I’ve always been thin, but a growth spurt left my hips totally scarred, even shorts will show. I tried Bio-oil but it did not work at all and I would love to be able to go to the beach and actually wear a swim bottoms with my friends rather than hide in shorts all the time! My question is do users feel like it really worked? Is it worth the money? Did they feel more confident in their skin after a few weeks?

  • Hey Gemma,

    Well I can only speak for myself but I found it worked a treat for my stretch marks…and I had them for years, just like you.

    Personally, I think it is well worth the money…but that’s just me :)

  • i have had stretch marks more tan 10 years, but unfortunately this cream doesnt exist in my country. good for all of u that can have it easily

  • How much does it cost n where can I get it

  • You can buy it here. It is normally $79, but they have a special deal on right now. They also offer a 90 day hassle free return policy if you don’t like it!

  • Hello I also wanna by i am Mummy for 3 kids and need to have the stretchmark Go away. Do This help for cellulitt? Also? Price .? My stretchmark is 5 year old

  • Hey. This isn’t so much for cellulite. If you want a cellulite product then definitely try Finulite. It works amazing. Both V and I have used it and love it. Actually, I still use it. I believe Finulite is a bit cheaper as well!

  • Hi Vanessa.

    I haven’t tried Trilastin yet but am definitely planning on purchasing. I just wanted to know if you carried on applying it after your 6th week and what your stretch marks are like now? Have they completely faded?

  • She actually stopped using it after the 6 weeks. Sorry we can’t give you a better idea of what kind of results are achievable.


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