Triactol Breast Enhancement Cream – Does It Actually Work?

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Triactol Breast Enhancement Cream - Does It Actually Work

I’ll be the first to admit that having a bigger bust was something important to me. If you want to call that vain, so be it, but I wanted it.

As you may have read in my Naturaful review, I have tried everything from breast enhancement creams to exercises and herbs in order to add a few inches to my bust.

If you’re ready to give natural breast enhancement a try then check out what we have to say about Triactol.

What is Triactol Breast Enhancement Cream

Unlike other enhancement products on the market, Triactol is actually a serum, not a cream. This along with its primary ingredient truly set it a part.

The primary ingredient in Triactol breast enhancement serum is a compound called Mirofirm, which comes from the traditional Thai herb, Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica is one of the more potent natural enhancement ingredients out there. So many other products rely on weaker ingredients like Fenugreek, so this definitely sets Triactol a part.

How to Use It

Using this serum is super simple. For best results start by taking a warm shower to open up your pores for easy absorption. Next put 2-3 drops in your hand and then massage into your breast. Use a circular motion to improve circulation and absorption. This should take less than a minute in total.

For best results, apply this serum twice daily.

What We Love About It

We totally dig that this is a fast absorbing serum versus creams like Naturaful which take several minutes to rub in and never seem to feel like they have absorbed into your skin.

The fact that they seem to be the only breast enhancement product with Mirofirm is also a plus.

Finally, all the ingredients are derived from natural sources so there is little to no chance of experiencing negative side effects. Win!

What We Loathe About It

The price. Simply put, unless you are willing to invest in a 6 month bulk supply you will be dropping a ton of dough on this product.

If money isn’t an issue then no worries.

Triactol is good, but if you’re looking for something great then be sure to read our Naturaful review. Not only is Naturaful affordable, but gives you real results. I can speak from personal experience in this department.

After just 4 weeks of using Naturaful I saw 4 inch growth in my bust. Not too shabby, right?

If having a bigger bust is something you’re interested in, but you don’t want to have surgery then definitely read up more on the natural solutions. Seriously, I have no shame admitting that this is something I wanted and you shouldn’t either.

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