Traveling Without My Favourite Products: How I Survived

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how to make your own skincare products while on vacation

A few days ago I got all spontaneous and booked myself and my fiance a last-minute trip to the Caribbean for the week. To say the least, we were excited. So excited in fact that I forgot all my favourite skincare products at home! *face palm*

So instead of just going completely au naturale and embracing my dirty oiliness, I decided to go au naturale but in a different kinda way.

I hit the buffet table, rounded up some ingredients, and made myself some solid facial products that have been my saving grace here for the last few days!

Curious to know what I made, what I used, and how it worked? Good. Then click that big freakin’ play button, will ya?

As you saw, I only gave up the goods on one of my buffet table recipes so if you want to check out the other two, hop on over here and learn yourself some quick and easy DIY skincare recipes!

Now I’m sure I’m not the onnnlllly person to have ever forgotten their products before boarding the plane to paradise. So tell me, have you forgotten your favourite beauty products while on a trip and if so, what did you do? Share your story with me in the comment section below and let a fellow umbrella-cocktail-sippin’ sistah know!

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