Guest Post ~ Sleep and Acne: Are the Two Actually Related?

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sleep and acne

Are sleep and acne related? They sure are!

In fact, my 7 year old son notices new acne spots on my face every morning whenever I sleep late.

This tempted me to find out more on the matter. I have noticed a pattern and found scientific evidence on sleep intervals and acne.

Acne flares cannot be attributed to sleep deprivation, but instead has an indirect effect on this condition.

Lack of sleep can trigger some other causes leading to acne.

Curious to know how lack of sleep can worsen your acne symptoms and how your daily dose of slumber can cure acne?

And no, it’s not just sinking into your pillow and dreaming all your pimples will vanish! Although, that does sound heavenly.

The Power of Sleep and Acne

Sleep is not an option for our body but a necessity. Similar to air and food, it’s something we rely on for basic functioning.

Severe sleep deprivation, if it gets bad enough, can lead to death! Scary, huh?

What’s more is not getting that 8 hour sleep at night might lessen the years you have in this world. Sleep is the repair and maintenance time for your mind and body.

Hence lack of sleep can easily lead to acne and some serious health issues. But surprisingly, there are no magic hours of sleep that can help you wake up with clear skin. It’s actually the quality of sleep that is important.

For instance, some people feel fresh and energized after having just five hours of sleep. This happens because they had a deep, peaceful slumber without any interruption.

However, if you notice you aren’t falling into deep sleeps, you could be at risk for the following:

  • Increase chances of inflammation – yet another condition to worsen acne
  • A resistance to insulin – a potential cause of acne
  • Increased stress levels – your cortisol levels affect acne
  • Potential weight gain
  • Feelings of irritation and a negative attitude

Lack of Sleep Triggers Inflammation

Due to lack of sleep, the amount of cytokines increases which leads to inflammation.

Some people get pain flare-ups after sleep deprivation. If you are sleep deprived for let’s say 2 hours in a week, the level of inflammatory cytokine escalates.

These higher levels of cytokines will trigger inflammation and if you were at risk of breaking out, your chances can increase even more.

Lack of Sleep Causes Insulin Resistance 

A study was conducted two decades ago to reveal that sleep deprivation can increase insulin resistance and this compromises the body’s ability to use glucose.

This will not only act as an activator for acne but also increases the chances of diabetes. This result was shown in people who slept less than 6 hours in a night. However, a similar effect was observed in individuals who slept more than nine hours in a day as well.

Sleep Deprivation and Obesity 

A good night sleep has influence on several factors. It controls the levels of hormones, your appetite and glucose metabolism, meaning a lack of sleep can make you fat.

If it’s a chronic condition, the levels of grehlin are raised and this increases your appetite. Even if you are following a good diet and exercise plan, sleep deprivation can ruin that and can cause you to gain weight  – pretty much the last thing us women want!

Lack of Sleep, Stress and Acne

For obvious reasons, sleep deprivation can lead to irritable moods and consequently to stress.

When you find yourself under stress due to any external factor, the stress hormones are released taking you into fight or flight mode. When there is lack of sleep, a similar sort of response is generated

Sleep deficiency can affect your level of alertness and as a result of the hormones, your blood pressure shoots. If you encounter this situation too often, it can be risky for the health of your heart.

When it comes down to it, if you have been trying to control your acne and are trying everything you can think of but still you breakout, consider the role sleep and acne play in the condition of your skin. You may find that the amount you sleep is having a direct effect on your acne and is something you should try to tweak.

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I am a blogger and a strong fitness advocate. To me health and beauty goes beyond losing a few pounds of weight or applying creams. It’s more about getting natural glow and feeling good from the inside out. I never promote fad products, or quick-fix ways to treat skin problems. Follow my write-ups on Fitness Republic or connect with me via twitter @KatyReeve92


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