Skinetica: The Bee’s Knees in Blemish Treatment?

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My Skinetica review

One of the things I love the most about this beauty blogging business is networking with skin care lines and getting sent free samples.

With the growth of the website – thanks to you lovely and loyal readers! – it seems that more and more companies are reaching out and asking us to sample their product. Obviously the “free” part is great, but what I really enjoy is hearing about and trying these new products.

A few weeks ago a UK-based company reached out to us and wanted us to review their product. Their product is called Skinetica and is a new anti-blemish treatment.

My youngest sister was suffering from a serious breakout on her chest so I hopped all over this opportunity.

What is Skinetica?

Like I said, Skinetica is the latest blemish battling skin treatment that claims to provide improvements in as few as 2-3 days. The formula contains no chemicals, grease or toxins and was even dermatologically tested.

After testing it out on a group of males and females, the dermatologists concluded that it had no irritating or sensitising effects on users. I’d say that’s definitely a good finding!

To get the best results, it is suggested to apply Skinetica twice daily on freshly cleansed skin. Don’t apply it over creams or lotions. Allow it time to fully dry before applying any makeup. Rest assured it’s a fabulous foundation for reducing pimples and prepping your skin for makeup coverage.

My Sister’s Skinetica Experience

As I mentioned above, my little sister was experiencing a pretty awful acne breakout when I was offered the product sample. Her chest was littered with pimples that were red and inflamed. Not exactly the sexiest look with tank top weather in season.

Skinetica sent a full size bottle and a travel size one for our testing pleasure. After each morning shower and post-evening cleanse, my sister would apply the treatment to her chest and face. She liked that the formula was light, fresh scented and residue free. Her skin felt clean, but not dried out.

My sister has always had issues with her skin and has tried a lot of fad treatments, like Proactiv. She found that most of these products dried her skin out and made it flaky. This was likely because they contained ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid; Skinetica does not.

I took photos of my sister’s acne before she started the treatment and two days later.

Skinetica before and after shots

 We both couldn’t believe how well the product had worked. What had once been large, inflamed chest zits were subdued, barely there spots. We were pretty blown away with the speedy results. She has continued to use it and reap the benefits of this gentle toner.

Our Final Verdict

Both my sister and I were impressed with this product. Pictures don’t lie; it clearly worked.

The price point doesn’t sting either. Depending on where you are in the world, a full size bottle runs anywhere between £10-12 or approximately $15-17 CAD. That’s pretty sweet for a product that works so well.

A gentle formula with a great price point and effective results? Yeah, I would recommend this to anyone suffering from an acne breakout.

Have you been suffering from acne issues lately? What are your go to remedies? Would you give Skinetica a try? Lemme know down below!

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