Skinception Argan Oil Review: How Does It Compare Against Traditional Skin Treatment?

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Skinception Argan OilWe’re BIG fans of using oil for skin care.

In fact just recently we wrote about one of our  favorite DIY oil cleanses in a post that included other organic skin care recipes that you can make at home.

Now you understand just how intrigued we are by different types of oils and their effects on treating certain skin conditions.

Today we wanted to review Skinception Argan Oil. If you have ever tried out an argan oil product, then you know what we mean when we say, it’s one of the best all-round products to have in your skin care arsenal.

Now this isn’t the first argan oil product we’ve reviewed. We’ve also discussed the pros and cons of another called Essence Of Argan, so naturally we were intrigued to find out if Skinception’s variation was any different in terms of the results it offered.

Firstly let’s take a look at the types of conditions this oil has the ability to treat.

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Benefits Of Argan Oil

There are several benefits of argan oil, the Morrocan’s have known this for a long time. I mean if you really think about it, if those people who live in a desert prefer to use it to keep their skin healthy, then it’s highly likely it’s going to be beneficial to us in the Western world.

Whenever you can use a natural product to treat your skin, you should. We’re firm believers of that and in fact that’s the major purpose of this site – To offer our readers natural “do it yourself” alternatives to chemically laced products where suitable.

Here are the major benefits of using argan oil on your skin:

1. Anti Aging
This oil has the ability to prevent premature aging, helping to stop DNA degeneration.

2. Wrinkles And Fine Lines
Due to the ridiculous amount of moisture this oil is able to provide your skin, an improvement in elasticity can be seen almost immediately.

3. Helps Repair Collagen And Elastin
These two compounds are essential in the makeup of healthy skin. Due to time and other outside influences, your skin becomes less and less able to produce new collagen and elastin cells that lead to firmer more healthy looking skin. Argan oil helps promote the production of new collagen and elastin.

4. Acne Treatment
Sebum oil produced in your skin is one of the major contributors to acne breakouts. By introducing a non greasy moisturizer like argan oil into your skin, you can force it to cut down on the production of sebum oil, intern preventing breakouts.

Those are the four major benefits to using argan oil for the treatment of skin conditions, but it also has a lot of other benefits as well. If you want to read more about the science behind this amazing oil, click here.

Skinception Argan Oil Breakdown

We’ve already discussed all of the benefits of argan oil in the past, which is why we didn’t go into too much detail above. What we’re really looking for are the main differences between this product and any other “pure argan oil” distributor.

The answer?

There’s not a lot of difference between this product and that of Essence of Argan. Most of them are basically the same, except there are some that aren’t 100% pure but instead laced with other ingredients to help cut down on costs.

We can confirm that Skinception Argan Oil is 100% pure and does not contain any other additives, making it a good choice to buy if you are interested in this type of treatment.

Why It’s HOT!

Argan oil is by far the best form of natural skin care for a number of different conditions. If we were to say what it is best used for, it would be its anti aging properties.

It’s one part of our beauty arsenal that we always liked to keep on hand, making sure we apply it daily for maximum results. There’s a reason why they call it a miracle healing agentas if you have any kind of skin condition it’s likely treatment with argan oil will result in a speedy positive response.

Why It’s NOT!

If there was one thing some people might struggle to deal with, it would be the cost. Now remember, one argan tree can only produce 1L of argan oil each year, therefore this is a fairly scarce commodity. It’s understandable therefore that it’s price is going to be a little higher then most other cosmetic products.

Skinception Argan Oil for a one month supply will cost you $60, however they do have an option to buy in bulk, with the largest order saving you $60 in total.

Our suggestion would be to buy the largest order with a friend who is also interested in trying it out. That way you’ll still get the same savings, without having to make too large of an investment.

Skin Score!

We absolutely love this stuff. Argan oil is one of those products that if you can afford it, you should definitely use in your daily skin routine applying directly after your morning cleanse if possible.

It absorbs quickly into your skin without irritation or that oily feeling associated with most moisturizers. This also means you are quickly able to apply makeup shortly after treatment.


As far as an overall score, we had to give Skinception Argan oil a great rating because we just love pure argan oil as a whole.

Overall Score: 96%

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  • Yes! I’m big on oils for my skin and hair too. I’ve been using organic argan oil for years and could not live without -especially in winter. I use the Issahra Argan brand from arganbody.com; they also have a body/face oil called Sublime Oil -it’s heavenly.

  • Never tried that brand Kim, but I totally agree that argan oil is one of those products you can’t live without!


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