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If you’re a regular around these parts you know my husband and I decided to pack our life into two backpacks, move to Thailand and really kick off married life how we always dreamed.

We’ve both been pretty good at living with few material things and keeping only those items with sentimental value which is why Asia and it’s lax-lifestyle seemed so perfect for us.

When I was initially packing my backpack I found it hard to fit in all my beauty and skin care products. I would rearrange and re-organize, trade a pair of shorts for a tube of lotion and all because I couldn’t seem to give up these products.

I wish I was kidding.

It didn’t take being in Asia for long to realize what a waste of space some of these items had been.

After all, I immediately jumped on the Coconut Oil bandwagon and have never looked back meaning those back-up moisturizers I packed are pretty much useless now. *shakes fist at pre-Thailand Vanessa*

Coconut oil aside, Thais and most Asians I’ve seen in the past two months have incredible skin. I mean, seriously good skin! You’ve probably even noticed this regardless of where you are in the world.

Since I’m a pseudo-Asian myself now, it was high time I figured out what was making everyone’s skin so amazing. So here you go;  5 Fabulous Asian Skincare Secrets from Thailand to you…wherever you may be!

Secret #1 – Green Tea

I bet you’re not surprised to see this one making the list. After all, it’s the first thing you’re served any time you walk into any shop, salon or restaurant owned by an Asian family.

Green tea is a staple because it is ripe with antioxidants and boasts some serious metabolism-boosting benefits.

Drinking this tea hydrates your skin and helps your body fight against carcinogens, especially those found in harmful UV rays. Which is perfect because there’s a whole lotta sun here!

You can get the benefits of green tea without the hot water though. Green tea extract also comes in capsule form and dried leaves. If you’re going this route and want to see results, you’ll want to make sure you ingest 100 to 750mg per day.

Secret #2 – Use Your Feet

Living in metropolitan areas with advanced subway systems and above ground transfers can make us lazy. Not to mention the tens of million of people who use a car to drive 2 minutes down the road, rather than walking. *cough* That used to be me.

In Asia, though many large cities have efficient systems, they still do a lot of walking. Walking, as opposed to more rigorous forms of exercise, increases your circulation which is necessary for pumping life into dry, dull looking skin.

It also helps shed water weight via lymphatic drainage and can ease excessive oil production. Holla!

Secret #3 – Avoid the Sun

When I say people here avoid the sun, I mean they don’t just wear SPF and hats, they carry umbrellas and wear UV face shields. It sounds crazy but it’s true.

Even though most of us know how harmful the sun can be we still stop by the local tanning salon and bake on the beaches during summer. The tanning phenomenon in North America is definitely not a part of Asian culture and they look great because of it.

Overexposure to sun causes skin to break down, dark spots to break out and general withering of the dermis. Take a tip from the Thai’s and either load up on SPF or seek shelter under some palm trees instead.

Even I, a former sun-worshipper, have taken to hiding from the sun as much as I can here. I never thought I would be that girl but then again, I never thought I would order street meat off a grill fastened to the back of a bicycle.

Secret #4 – Ditch the Dairy 

There are several reasons for ditching dairy; it is high in saturated fat, often full of chemicals and many people are actually allergic to it, but fail to see the signs.

On top of all that, dairy is full of acne-causing hormones like dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Asian diets are typically very low in dairy and you can tell. Trade out dairy for soy and now we’re talking!

Plus any dairy I eat here cramps up my stomach almost immediately, helping me to cut it out of my diet without missing it the way I would back home. Ahhh no acne AND weight loss. I’m hooked!

Secret #5 – Grab Some Ginger

Asians use ginger a lot; for tea, soup, stir fries and sauces. I’m sure you’ve noticed that every Sushi restaurant has a side of wasabi and ginger. Though one of my least favourites (I’m a wasabi gal), Sabrina loves it!

Ginger is great for stimulating circulation and improving the immune system which in turn is excellent for our skin.

These 5 fabulous Asian skincare secrets are the backbone of beautiful skin. Best of all, they are easy to apply to your daily lives regardless of where you may be living.

Give them a go and I would be shocked if you didn’t see a difference in the quality of your skin within the first month!

Do you have any skincare secrets you’ve pulled out of a certain country? Share that s**t in the comment section below.

Sawatdee Ka sistahs!

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  • Ah! Tremendous benefits of a simple life : )

  • Thanks for the tips. I was just wondering where we should get our Vit. D? I always heard the best place to get it was from natural sunlight.

  • Well you can always get Vitamin D supplements but I have also heard that the best way to get it is through small chunks of unprotected sun exposure. Now by this I mean 10-15 minutes…after that you should slather on some good ol’ SPF so you don’t damage your skin :)

  • I love this post! Awesome tips here .Thanks for sharing this nice article.


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