Skin Lightening Vitamins: Lighten from the Inside-Out

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The best skin lightening vitamins

Who doesn’t like a little controversy every now and again? Life gets a little boring if you don’t disagree with someone once in awhile. On that note, I’d like to discuss a skin care practice that tends to put people in a debating mood; skin lightening.

Hands up if you’ve ever seen an Asian woman hiding under an umbrella on a sunny afternoon?

*both hands up*

I see it every day here in Thailand.

However, in North America, these sightings tend to shock most caucasians, causing them to audibly gasp because so many people there covet tanned skin. So what the heck are these Asians doing with an umbrella on a cloudless day?

While the North American culture reveres a more tanned epidermis (faux or not), Asian cultures have made fair skin their prefered choice.

In fact, Japan dominates the skin lightening market in Asia-Pacific; a market that is estimated to have reached the $2 billion mark as of 2012. I think it’s safe to say that, fad or not, there is an impressive interest in skin lightening.

With that being said, let’s chit chat about one of the ways you can influence your skin shade – skin lightening vitamins.

Skin Lightening Vitamins that Work

Vitamins aren’t just good for giving you glowing skin, they can also help lighten it. So here’s a few skin lightening vitamins you might want to add to your skin care routine if you desire a more fair appearance.

Vitamin E

Most people think of vitamin E as a scar reducing, skin moisturizing supplement, but both of those reasons are exactly why it’s so great at lightening pigmentation.

This vitamin’s properties help protect the skin from sun damage and being a potent antioxidant, it also protects you from free radical damage and oxidation.

Vitamin C

Grab yourself a tall glass of freshly squeezed OJ, because vitamin C is responsible for improving your body’s immune system. This directly affects your skin’s ability to repair tissue wear and tear. The healthier the skin, the less likely it is to get dark spots or hyperpigmentation.

It’s antioxidant properties, like vitamin E’s, also prevent against free radical damage. Furthermore, vitamin C stimulates natural collagen production and gives your skin a healthy, natural glow. So, drink up ladies!


Also known as vitamin B-3, niacin helps maintain moisture deep within your skin. The more moisture you lock in, the less likely bacteria and viruses are to permeate the skin and cause issues.

Niacin’s high lipoprotein content also reduces premature aging of the skin. Aged skin can appear more discolored, which is not what you’re going for here.

Vitamin A

Topping the list of best vitamins that lighten your skin, vitamin A is a potent source of retinol and beta carotenes. It protects against free radical damage, reduces unanticipated sun damage and is a natural exfoliant.

Moreover, it mimics the effects of vitamin K (a natural anticoagulant) and breaks down blood clots in your capillaries to give your skin a healthier, lighter look.

Whether you are on board or off with the whole skin lightening phenomenon, these are a few of the skin lightening vitamins that brighten your skin and you give you the fairer appearance you desire.

Of course, if you would prefer to see results, like, now then check out Meladerm. Meladerm cream is a safe skin lightening alternative to the more gradual DIY techniques available. Best of all? It’s affordable!

Ever tried to lighten your skin before? How did you go about it? Share your story in the comment section below.

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