Skin Lightening Treatments: The DIY Way

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This week I’m mixing things up. Sorta.

I’m still keeping it real and giving you actionable skin lightening treatments that you can do at home, but I’m also getting a little deep this week.

Yep. Real deep.

In fact, this week on top of my DIY tips I’m also dishing out some unsolicited advice, inspired by our girl Morrissey who wrote in with an A about how to lighten her skin.

You see, I hear from many different women of many different ethnicities that they wish they had lighter skin, or that they are just not happy with how their skin looks. And that makes me sad to hear.

So I decided to give my opinion, even though ya didn’t ask for it, on how we ladies should start feeling about ourselves and how we look.

To hear me tell it like it is, as well as dish out some DIY skin lightening treatments, click that big ol’ sexy play button and let’s get this MoFo started, shall we?

Now, if you are diggin’ these juicy (literally) skin lightening treatments and are thirsty for more (see what I’m doing here? I just can’t help myself!) then check out my full post on how to lighten your skin using lemons.

Or, if you are the type of gal who would rather buy than DIY then shuffle your sexy self on over to our list of the best skin lighteners on the market and see if any of those products might work for you.

And now I want to hear from you ladies! Yeah you! Do you want to lighten parts of your skin OR have you lightened your skin before? Share your thoughts, experiences, questions, or any advice in the comment section below. We are here to help our fellow skincare sistahs so don’t be shy, speak your mind!

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