Sleep Your Way to Lighter Skin with this Skin Lightening Night Cream

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DIY skin lightening night cream

I use face masks for several reasons. Sometimes my skin looks dull and lifeless so I use a vitamin C infused recipe to breathe some life back into it.

Other days my skin is in desperate need of an exfoliation so I make a lactic acid rich mask to help promote cellular turnover. Looking to turn back time a little? I’ve got a mask for that too.

With all these different masks you’re probably wondering what on earth I could have come up with this time. Well, since I’m in the business of curing all skin ailments, I’m focusing my efforts on skin lightening.

So far I’ve covered vitamins, food and hand delivered you a fabulous and natural skin lightening cream recipe.

While these are all well and good, sometimes you need a serious overnight soaking to lighten up your skin tone. Before I give you the goods, I think it’s important to explain why this method is better than some of the other ones out there.

Why Go Au Naturale?

Did you know that some of the most common skin lightening products on the market contain mercury? That’s right; toxic mercury.

Long term use of products containing mercury can cause a buildup of the substance. Accumulated mercury can cause impaired vision, hearing and speech because it damages the brain, kidney and lungs. Not exactly ideal and kinda scary!

Now that I’ve shared all the sordid details with you on the dangers of some store bought options, it’s time to go over a leaner, greener option. An option that won’t leave your skin feeling raped by chemicals.

Homemade Skin Lightening Night Cream

Making this skin lightening night cream is actually quite easy and doesn’t require more than 3 ingredients! Here’s what you are going to need:

  • 1 tablespoon of unflavored organic yogurt
  • 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil

Once you have gathered up your ingredients, follow these steps:

Step 1: In a clean dish mix together all of your ingredients.

Step 2: Once thoroughly mixed, allow your blend 5 minutes to settle together.

Step 3: Cleanse your face and then slather on your night whitening agent. Feel free to leave it on overnight.

Step 4: In the morning, rinse off with lukewarm water and no soap.

The yogurt and lemon are a great natural skin whitener while the lavender oil keeps your skin moisturized.

By applying this skin lightening night cream once a week you should start to see dark spots lighten and your general skin tone even out.

Using this mask may not be as harmful as others, but it will leave your skin vulnerable to sunshine. Be sure to stay out of the sun as much as possible and slather on that SPF.

Wear hats, hide under umbrellas, what have you, just avoid direct sun exposure. Wouldn’t want to ruin your skin lightening efforts, now would you?

Et voila! My final home remedy in my arsenal of skin lightening tricks…well, for now!

While I don’t trust some of the products on the market, there are some trustworthy ones. Meladerm is our top choice for all things skin lightening and Melasma.

SkinBright is a close contender and can provide you with noticeable results. It just might take a bit longer. If you’re looking for more info you can always check out the full review of Meladerm right here or the SkinBright one here!

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  • can i change lavender oil to olive oil? thank you ^^

  • Yea, that shouldn’t be a problem. Coconut oil might be better though.

  • Is it okay to use this for body as well? And I live in Dorm, so is it possible to store it for a while? Like a week? If not could you suggest a diy that I can use it on my body and can store it too, because I am in a fairly hot country where I’m prone to get tanned. I became 3 shade darker after I came here.

  • Yea absolutely safe for the whole body. Just mind your naughty bits. Should be safe for at least 4 days!

  • can I use it in morning again

  • You can, but make sure you stay away from sunlight to avoid getting sun burned as your skin will be more sensitive to the suns rays.


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