ScarFade: Will This Serum Make Your Scars Vanish?

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My ScarFade review

Scars are strange things. They can make you appear sexy and mysterious or battered and abused. They can build or break confidence depending on the location, size and coloring.

They are a physical manifestation of your life’s story. Some stories are better kept to ourselves though.

Dark scars can have people asking you questions that you may not be ready to answer. Best way to prevent that is to remove the evidence.

Over here at BES, we’ve covered scar fading products, scar fading oils and homemade scar treatments, but we’re always looking for something better.

A few months ago I underwent surgery that left me with a few scars. My surgeon suggested I use the product ScarFade. So how does it compare? Let’s find out!

The 411 on ScarFade

ScarFade is a topical silicone gel that you apply to your scars like you would a cream. It forms a super thin layer of silicone over the scarred area and is so micro, you can even apply makeup over it.

The concept for ScarFade came from a technique called “Silicone Gel Sheeting.” Basically, SGS is a process where you apply a thick sheet of silicone which has a sticky side, to the surface of your scar.

Constant coverage helps reduce the appearance of your scar. SGS is only effective with continuous contact with the scar though. Obviously, this doesn’t make it an ideal remedy.

In 1998, ScarFade gel was adopted as a solution for this. The micro-layer of silicone gel allows for constant coverage in a less noticeable manner than the gel sheeting.

To benefit from this gel all you have to do is apply a pea-size amount to your scar. Do this twice daily for 6-12 weeks for best results.

If you’re worried about side effects, don’t be.

Though the recommended period of use is 6-12 weeks, you can use it for as long as you wish, with no adverse effects. The one hitch, the company admits that the newer the scar, the easier it is to treat. Anything older than 2 years may not heal nearly as well. Guess that means my chicken pox scars are here to stay!

What I Liked About ScarFade

Like I said earlier, my surgeon suggested ScarFade after my surgery. I have been diligently applying it twice daily to my scars for the past 6 weeks. In that time I have noticed a serious lightening in my scars.

They have changed from a bright purple-red scar to a barely noticeable, faint purple-red shade.

My ScarFade before and after shotsWhat I liked about this product was how smooth the silicone gel felt. It slid onto my skin smoothly and didn’t leave any sticky residue. Had my scar been somewhere like my face, I am certain that my makeup would have gone over it without a hitch.

What I Loathed About ScarFade

Well to be honest, I didn’t loathe one damn thing. However, one thing did slightly irk me.

I didn’t appreciate the clinic mark up on this product. I bought ScarFade from my surgeon’s clinic for $45 plus Canadian Taxes. After a quick search of Amazon.com, I found it for nearly half that price. Needless to say I won’t be buying my refills from my doctor next time.

As far as scar removal goes, I would recommend this product to anyone with scars they are looking to have vanish. I still stand by my natural remedies, but it doesn’t hurt to get a helping hand once in awhile – especially when you’re looking for serious results.

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