Quick and Natural Rosacea Treatments

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Quick and natural rosacea treatmentsEver noticed a little redness on your cheeks? Perhaps it’s persistent and it’s also on your nose, chin and forehead?

You may even be getting little bumps or pimples accompanying it. And you might feel as though it’s keeping you from feeling confident and putting your best face forward.

So what is this annoying skin issue I speak of? Rosacea.

What is Rosacea

Experts aren’t entirely sure what causes rosacea, but what they do know is that it is a chronic irritation of the skin. There doesn’t seem to be any bacteria causing a further infection and most people affected tend to be fair skinned or pale.

Another fun fact, it also tends to run in families. Go figure.

I always find that the most annoying skin grievances are hereditary. What luck!

Common Triggers

The smart people may not be able to determine what exactly causes rosacea, but they have been able to identify a few common triggers.

When your blood vessels in the face expand, reddening of the skin can occur. Things like exercise, drinking alcohol, hot weather, stress, hot temperatures and spicy foods are all common.

You’ll know when your rosacea is acting up because you’ll start to see symptoms worsen. A few of these annoying symptoms are:

  • flushed, red face with sensitive or dry skin accompanied by an annoying burning sensation.
  • small bumps; almost pimple like.
  • thicker, coarser skin with raised bumps
  • dry, red, itchy eyes

Quick Fixes and Rosacea Treatments

I know there’s a million and one over-the-counter products for your rosy face, but as always I like to get down with a little DIY action.

Some of these remedies aren’t so much DIY as they are natural and simple; cheap and effective.

So, for the best rosacea treatments, read on my lovelies.

Food For Thought

Nurture your skin from the inside out by eating the right foods. I’ve said it time and time again, what you put in your body is reflected on your skin. The same is true when it comes to rosacea treatment.

First let’s start by cutting out anything that includes trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, sugar and peanuts. Instead, choose whole grain foods and eat lots of leafy greens. These foods are full of vitamin B which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Fruits and veggies like pomegranates, blueberries, blackberries, zuchini, kale, spinach and broccoli are all great choices.

Tasty fish like salmon, halibut and sardines also provide Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce flare ups.

A Slick Solution

Not surprising, some of the best rosacea treatments come from oils. Camphor oil, for example, has antimicrobial effects, absorbs quickly into the skin and when used minimally, drastically reduces a rosacea flare up.

Lavender oil is also a good one. It contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so when applied directly to the affected skin, it soothes and comforts. It also smells amazing.

The same goes with tea tree oil, just be sure to use sparingly.

Going Herbal

I love homegrown herbs for their fresh scent and usefulness. Chamomile and green tea are both easy on the nose and good for the rose.

By steeping a handful of fresh chamomile in 3 cups of water and then chilling, it makes a great cold compress for unexpected flare ups.

Green tea added to facial creams or used as a cold compress like chamomile is a simple and natural alternative to medications. Green tea contains photoprotective properties that reduce flare ups during sun exposure.

A Hearty Soak

If it itches, then you know oatmeal is going to be a sure fire fix. Grind up 1 cup of oats and add to your bath. Soak until the water cools. Oatmeal helps protect your skin, relieves itch and acts as an anti-inflammatory to fight rosacea.

Et voila! So many options to choose from!

However, if you’re sick and tired of dealing with your Rosacea, check out V and her hubby Josh’s video review on Zenmed for Rosacea. It may just be the best Rosacea solution we’ve come across yet!


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