Advantages: What Makes Revitol Special?

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Okay this is a bit of a rarity for us, but as far as advantages go with Revitol Eye Cream, it’s a bit of a desert we’re afraid. This isn’t a good product at all and in the end we were literally only able to mention one possible advantage this cream might have when compared to some of its competitors.

Most eye creams contain ingredients that can cause dry skin after application. Just by taking a look at Revitol’s ingredients, pretty much all of them have some kind of moisturizing property so it’s unlikely you’ll have any issues with your skin drying out after you use this stuff.

On the other side of the coin, there are a ridiculous number of problems with Revitol Eye Cream worth talking about. The fact that it is able to hydrate your skin, tells us nothing of its ability to resolve issues like dark circles, puffy eye, wrinkles or fine lines.

In the end any old cheap moisturizer can do the exact same thing this cream can do, but for a fraction of the price. That’s why we’re NOT recommending this product as a way of treating under eye problems.

Overall Score: 59%

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