Revitol Eye Cream: All Natural Ingredients, But Is This Eye Cream Effective?

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Okay gals, let’s just say a good eye cream can be a b**** to find. Am I right?

Unfortunately we have to start this article off by saying Revitol Eye Cream isn’t what you’re looking for in terms of treating eye problems like: dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and puffy eyes.

Let’s talk about why this is one of the worst eye creams available on the market.

What Is It?

Revitol’s line covers pretty much every factor of skin care and this is their eye cream that they claim helps to resolve most issues around the eyes.

The problem is, when you take a closer look at their list of ingredients, it’s clear to see that the only thing this cream might be used for is to be a skin conditioner to help supply more moisture.

As far as helping to resolve problems like fine lines and wrinkles or dark circles, we find it hard to imagine this cream can do much at all.

We’re not going to lie, most girls who have given this product a try have seen very little positive effects on their under eye issues. In fact most girls who we talk to have said that it caused their skin to become oily after multiple applications.

Why It’s HOT!

Seriously, there’s not a lot of positives when it comes to Revitol Eye Cream. The only thing we can say is that it’s kinda cheap, but the results you get from it are comparable to that of any $5 moisturizer, so for $39.95, you’re still getting a bad deal.

Why It’s NOT!

Where to begin. There are a number of disadvantages which you can check out in more depth here, but the biggest problem with this cream is that it does absolutely nothing to resolve the 3 main eye issues:

  1. Doesn’t help resolve fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Doesn’t reduce dark circles.
  3. No effect on puffiness below the eyes.

All in all it’s not the greatest under eye treatment available on the market today.

Skin Score!

It’s our job to give you guys the know-how when it comes to deciding on the best treatment option for you. As far as an effective eye cream goes, Revitol have done a poor job with their product and all you need to do is check out some online reviews to confirm this.

It’s not the worst cream on the market, that one is taken by Dermology Eye Cream which we believe to be a subsidiary to Revitol. Still with that said, we cannot recommend Revitol’s eye cream to any of our readers.

Overall Score: 59%

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