Procellix Reviews: Could This Cream be the Answer to Your Anti-Cellulite Prayers?

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Procellix reviews from actual customersRaise your hands if you like a tight tushy.

*hand up*

Second hand up if you prefer it without the disgusting dimpling and cottage cheese effect of cellulite.

*throws second hand up with serious enthusiasm*….Obvs!

I’ve always found it shocking how many slim women have cellulite. One would just assume that because they’re tiny they won’t have any, alas, that is not the case.

Cellulite forms from lack of exercise, mowing down on trans-fatty foods that create deposits in your skin and a few other poor lifestyle choices.

I don’t mean to brag (much), but I’ve never really suffered from serious cellulite, thanks to a healthy diet and lots of exercise. Of course, I’ve experienced a dimple here or there and I have no shame in admitting that I used cellulite creams and DIY remedies to help me get rid of it.

If you’re looking for something to help you ditch the dimple, you’re gonna want to pay attention.

The 411 on Procellix by Dermal Meds

Procellix is a cellulite toner that uses patented ingredients to penetrate deep down into the skin to fight the formation of cellulite.

It travels deep down to the fat deposits to help break them down and rebuild your natural collagen levels. It also works as a diuretic to help draw out liquid that is trapped in your cellulite zones.

The tightening and diuretics helps give your skin a firmer, tighter looking appearance.

The key ingredient in Procellix is aminophylline. This ingredient has shown promise as a body fat reducer and in this particular cream, is used trigger enzymes that help eliminate fat before it’s stored.

When used in cream, aminophylline causes fat to stick to where it has been applied. What this means is, wherever you apply the cream, fat will be stopped from seeping further into the skin and then deteriorated.

The other key ingredient in Procellix is caffeine. Caffeine works on the spot by eating away your fat cells and making your skin look smoother and firmer. It does this by dehydrating the fatty skin cells so they appear tighter.

How To Use Procellix

Using Procellix is simple. Start by washing and thoroughly drying your skin. You want it clean so nothing hinders the absorption of the cream.

Next, you are going to apply an ample amount of cream to your buttocks, thighs and any other cellulite hot spot. Give the cream enough time to fully absorb into your skin.

To maximize your results, use Procellix daily. Using it right after your daily shower is probably your best bet. Your skin will be fresh, clean, and the pores open and ready to absorb all that cellulite fighting action.

What Customers are Saying in Their Procellix Reviews

Consumers have weighed in on this product and seem to have a lot to say about this product through their very own Procellix reviews.

The product claims to give you visibly smoother skin in days, as well as reduce cellulite. Consumers are standing behind this claim, even stating it has “superior” results. Some users even noticed stretch marks fading and smoothing out.

What most people are loving about Procellix is that is virtually scentless and absorbs quickly. No one has time to wait an hour for a cream to absorb, so this is definitely a perk.

Michaela P had this to say about Procellix:

Saw a significant cellulite reduction, great product! Have tried every other cream, this one has definitely proven to be the most effective.

Facials9 from Amazon.com said this:

Great product. Takes time to notice the reduction. Be patient with it and use it two times a day. I’m on my third bottle and will continue to use this product.

Heather on Amazon claims:

I work out and try to watch what I eat but I couldn’t help notice that I was starting to get cellulite on my thighs. I heard about this product and figured I’d try it. While the cellulite didn’t go away completely, it’s appearance was greatly reduced after a month of using this product faithfully. Now that summers coming up, I need to get more!

Now these are only a few of the many Procellix reviews floating around on the web, but if you want to read even more you can hit up Amazon.com and see what others have had to say in their Procellix reviews.

Where Can I Buy Procellix?

If you are convinced Procellix is for you and you want to test it out on your cellulite you will be pleased to hear that as far as pricing is concerned, you have a few great options!

Procellix offers a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum purchasing plan.

The Bronze package includes one single bottle which frequently goes on sale.

The Silver plan is a 2 for 1 package which only costs approximately $46 per bottle.

The Gold plan includes 5 bottles. Basically you pay for 3 and get 2 free.

Finally, the Platinum plan gives you 8 bottles total and 3 of those are free! You are also able to request free refills once you’ve finished with the original bottles. All you pay for is shipping and handling. What a steal!

Best of all, if you decide to buy Procellix and realize you aren’t digging it you can return any unopened packages within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

So get rid of your cellulite today and try one of these awesome packages. After all, who doesn’t love a product with options?

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