10 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Daily


The 3 Pillars of Skin Care and How It Revitalizes the Skin

*Guest Post by Zoe*

Everybody wants to have the beautiful and flawless skin. As most of us are aware, being young and flawless is not a piece of cake to do. The truth is that we all go through ageing and some of us have different types of skin. Some even have more stubborn skin than that of others.

To rejuvenate or revitalize simply means to restore, uplift or make youthful looking skin. Some individuals approach experts for facial plastic surgery for an easier and faster way of skin rejuvenation. Everyone would love to rejuvenate their skin, so we provide you with some natural home remedies on how to provide your skin a new, younger life. Also, grasp knowledge on the three pillars of skin care. [Keep Reading]

Aloe Drink

For whatever reason my news feed has been buzzing lately with posts on “start your day with lemon water if you want beautiful skin.”

No offence peeps, but that is soooo 2012. We’ve been sipping warm lemon water for years because we know how awesome it is. But what about this other elixir that beauty bloggers have been talking about?

Aloe juice.

People keep claiming the many benefits of aloe juice for skin, but are they legit? Let’s dig into it. [Keep Reading]

4 Steps to Healthy Beautiful Lips

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4 Steps to Healthy Beautiful Lips

*Guest Post by John*

Despite an endless stream of articles on how to glow from the inside out, when it comes to skincare, lips are often neglected. That shouldn’t be the case! Our lips are exposed to a lot – from the food and drink we consume, to the wind and central heating around us.

If you’re desperate to know how to get rid of chapped lips, here are just four ways to maintain healthy beautiful lips and flake-free lips all year long. [Keep Reading]

MiniMD Review

Not too long ago the lovely folks of Trophy Skin reached out to us because they had a few fun and new products on the market.

If you’ve been around for any length of time then you know we’re big fans of their Microderm MD home microdermabrasion kit. With a price tag of $299, it’s not exactly budget friendly and it seems they got the memo. Because Trophy Skin wants to extend their reach, they have developed a mini version of their Microderm MD with a price tag to match.

Enter the MiniMD. [Keep Reading]

How to Conceal Acne the Right Way

I hate acne. It’s incredible that something as small as a zit can kill your morning buzz. What always irked me the most about a breakout was how hard concealing it was. Half the time I tried to hide a zit I just made it stand out more and the other half I gave up.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I can’t tell you how many time I saw chicks trying (and failing….HARD) to cover their acne by using the complete wrong concealer and caking it over their face, but leaving their neck bare. Umm, obvious much?

The good news is, after years of failing myself I finally discovered a fool proof way for how to conceal acne the right way. Interested to learn more? Keep reading then! [Keep Reading]

Dermology Stretch Mark Cream - Is it Worth the Hype

Can you think of something that’s worse than an acne breakout?

I can – Stretch Marks.

Similar to acne, stretch marks can make us super self conscious and really wear down our self worth. Unfortunately, we don’t often have control over them.

Quick weight gain, pregnancy and several other things can all cause stretch marks. Easy to get, but not so easy to get rid of….until now! [Keep Reading]

Is Your Pursuit For Beauty Becoming An Obsession

*Guest Post by Evie*

The paradigm for beauty has changed greatly. This quest of beauty, especially espousing younger look that defies aging signs, is rather more aggressive. Ironically people are ready to pay any price for looking younger without thinking of the potential dangers. Knowing well that cosmetic surgery is potentially dangerous; people tend to fall for it. [Keep Reading]

3 Effective Exercises for Fighting Cellulite

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was no such thing as cellulite?

In a perfect world we would all have flawless skin, from face to ass. It would be supple and soft, luminescent and even. Alas, this isn’t a perfect world and we have to battle bad habits, genetics and lord knows what else to keep cellulite from taking up permanent residence on our behind.

One of the best ways to give cellulite a run for its money is by exercising. You see, cellulite forms when lots of fatty tissue pushes against the epidermis of your skin. So what better way to tackle it than by targeting the fat its rubbing up against? [Keep Reading]

DIY Stretch Mark Serum

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DIY Stretch Mark Serum

Over the course of your life, your skin is going to stretch. Whether it’s from growth during puberty or baking a sweet little bun in the oven, to weight gain and loss, it happens. C’est la vie. Not much we can do about it.

For many people, when their skin stretches it is also accompanied by a few marks. Nothing like a stretch mark to remind yourself how much your body has change.

While you may not be able to prevent the stretching, what you can do is give your skin a fighting chance at avoiding and repairing marks.

How, you may ask? A simple DIY stretch mark serum, of course! [Keep Reading]

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