Is Organic Surge Actually 100% Organic?

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Organic Surge

Having beautiful, healthy skin doesn’t always mean you have to use harsh chemicals on your face just to clear up any annoying blemishes or banish any wrinkles and fine lines.

In fact, using certified products can be one of the healthiest ways to achieve beautifully radiant skin.

While it may seem like ‘going green’ is all the rage today, there are some measurable benefits for using an organic product on your skin.

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Not only are you not using harsh chemicals on your face, but you are also using a product that is made consciously with the environment in mind. That is something that benefits us all, and not just our pretty faces.

We here at BES are always open to hearing about new organic skincare lines that have come out onto the market and give our readers the skin they desire.

Recently we had a reader, Gabrielle, contact us about a skincare brand she had been using for the last few months that not only cleared up her skin and erased her wrinkles but it made her feel good inside because it was created with sustainability in mind.

Similar to the Pai Skincare line, Organic Surge, claims to be a brand with a conscience who not only wants to give you healthy, glowing skin but also wants to do their part in helping the environment and those who may not be as fortunate as us.

To say the least we were intrigued and decided to do some digging to see what Organic Surge is really all about. Here’s the deal.

What The Heck Is Organic Surge?

Organic Surge face wash is a product that is proudly 100% free of harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and colorants.

Essentially that means Organic Surge only uses naturally-derived, certified organic essential oils that leave your skin feeling fresh, light, and healthy.

Simply put, it’s a skin-loving face wash that focuses on healthy ingredients as opposed to harsh chemicals that can actually do more damage than good.

What’s best is that Organic Surge is a product line that includes not only Organic surge face wash but also skin perfecting polish, eye gel, as well as an overnight sensation cream.

With such a comprehensive organic skincare line, you must be wondering what each product does for your particular skin type.

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How Does Organic Surge Work?

Through our research we discovered that the Organic Surge face wash, one of the most popular products in the line, is a refreshing face wash that helps to smooth out your skin, leaving it with a cooling effect that helps to rejuvenate your skin and eye area.

Made from green tea and other herbal eyebright extracts, it works to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate the skin while leaving your skin nourished and silky smooth.

Secondly, the skin perfecting polish works to stimulate, rehydrate, and smooth out all skin types.

A natural exfoliant, made from apricot stones and walnut shells, works to softly remove dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities from your skin, allowing it to rejuvenate naturally. And since the product is organic, it works on virtually any skin type.

The Organic Surge eye gel is another popular product in the line as it has a soothing and cooling sensation which helps to immediately refresh and rejuvenate your eye area, giving you the appearance of younger looking, more alert eyes.

Finally, the overnight sensation cream is a cream that restores, replenishes, and rehydrates your skin. All while you sleep.

Made from chamomile, green tea, and grapeseed oil, this cream works to comfort your skin while the shea butter works to prevent moisture loss.

What’s best is this combination of natural moisturizers and antioxidants work to prevent dryness as well as aging, so you wake up with a healthy looking, radiantly beautiful complexion.

While the product line seems to work wonders on any skin type, it does have it’s limitations.

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What Organic Surge Cannot Do

While combing the web for information on Organic Surge, we noticed a few comments from actual customers who had mentioned that they tried this product line for their certain skin conditions, such as psoriasis, and found that it did nothing to help their condition.

However while most psoriasis sufferers have not had any luck with Organic Surge, those who have eczema did report some improvements.

We found this Organic Surge review from an eczema sufferer who claims the product line helped her:

“I have sensitive skin, which is prone to eczema. The Overnight Sensation Cream has been a revelation, I can’t get over how soft my skin feels in the mornings. Simply the best moisturiser ever, thank you”  – Laura Dobson, UK

Another Organic Surge review we found discusses the benefits of the daily face wash:

“Daily Care Face Wash. Rose and Geranium oils foam beautiful and clear every last scrap of my make up, with no need for extra eye make up remover, this really does the trick and at £4.99 for 200ml this is unmissable. My total must have from the range.” – Charlie, ladyofthelane.com

To see if Organic Surge will work for your certain skin condition it might be best to read a Organic Surge review or two to see if you can find any other users who share the same condition, or better yet, speak to your dermatologist.

Our Verdict

Thanks to all our web combing, we believe Organic Surge is a powerful, yet 100% organic product line that will help to nourish your dry, damaged, and dull skin back to it’s naturally radiant state while also giving you a more youthful glow. Win!

Overall Score: 92%

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