NuBrilliance Review: Are Suction Problems Plaguing This Machine?

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NuBrillianceThis an exciting week as we’re back on the subject of microdermabrasion machines.

We recently posted a video review of our current top pick – The Microderm MD, showing you guys how to use it and giving our opinion afterwards as well.

I also shot a quick and easy DIY video that I urge you to check out on how to exfoliate sensitive skin.

But back to this review…

Today we’re going to be reviewing one of the most well marketed microdermabrasion machines going around, the NuBrilliance. 

I’m also going to touch on some of the pro’s and con’s as well as a few of the reviews circulating around right now about a possible suction issue related to this device.

Let’s get this NuBrilliance review started then shall we!

BES Breakdown!

The NuBrilliance is yet again another diamond tip device, just like the majority of at home microdermabrasion machines being sold today and just like any other, it works exactly the same.

It uses tiny diamond-like crystals stuck on the end of a small wand that you use to scrub away the top layer of dead or dying skin, revealing the new healthy layer below.

Here comes the important part.

In order to be able to remove the entire bad layer of skin, it uses suction power to essentially do two things.

  1. Increase the pressure on your skin allowing the diamond tip to effectively scrape away the top layer.
  2. Suck up the dead skin that is being removed by the diamond tip so it doesn’t enter the pores in your skin.

A couple of other things to note with this machine:

  1. There are 5 levels of suction power to choose from.
  2. There are 2 types of diamond tips, fine for the face and neck and regular for other areas of your body.

It’s purely designed for the everyday girl to use at home and usually takes around 10 minutes to complete a full round of treatment of your face.

NuBrilliance Complaints

In short, so far there have been many complaints in relation to the NuBrilliance. The main issue stems from the fact that the majority of users see a failure in the suction motor after around 6 weeks.

As the person below mentions(there are several other NuBrilliance reviews to back this up as well), the biggest issue is that their 30 day trial ends before the machine start to fail in terms of suction power.

“COMPLETELY frustrated. This product works for six weeks and the return time keep is only 30 days. The motor is TOTAL junk and quits the suction as soon as you can’t return it.”

Fmccowen, Amazon.com

NuBrilliance complaints

We worked out that the main reason why the machine starts to lose suction is due to the fact that it gets completely clogged with dead skin after several uses.

Not the greatest design considering it does cost a WHOPPING $239.85!

Although some people did mention they were able to remove some of the clogged areas inside the tip of the wand, most said the suction power never returned to what it was when they first started using it.

Why It’s HOT!

Okay it’s not the worst microdermabrasion machine on the market as when it is working at full power, it certainly does the job well. We’re big fans of the diamond tip wand devices as they tend to offer the best results over the micro-crystal varieties, especially after long term use.

It also comes with a few extra bonus items, which we think is a good idea:

  • Preparation cleanser(used before treatment)
  • Collagen regenerator(after treatment)
  • Moisturizer(after treatment)

Aside from that, there are a magnitude of issues related to this product.

Why It’s NOT!

First off, the pictures you see on their website, don’t indicate how poorly made this product really is. It literally feels like a children’s toy and as far as first impressions go, it’s pretty obvious it’s not going to be a product that you’ll be able to pass onto your kids!

Secondly their customers are correct to assume there’s an issue related to the suction power decreasing significantly after several treatments. Skin clogs up in the tip of the want that you can clean out to a certain degree, but we promise you it will never be the same machine that you paid good money for at the start.

That leads us to the price.

At almost $250, it’s grossly overpriced. We don’t know exactly how much it costs to build these machines but we would be lying if we didn’t think the company was taking an absurd amount of profit for each one that’s sold.

It’s clear these guys focused more of their time and money investing in the marketing side of their business as opposed to the design and manufacturing of their product.

Full stop.

Skin Score!

We’re afraid that if it’s an at home solution to microdermabrasion you’re after, then the NuBrilliance should NOT be a product on your radar. First impressions make you wonder where your $250 went.

Then after using it for a few short weeks, you are likely to see the suction power of the product begin to fail, according to the majority of users.

They did however make a great decision in adding in before and after products included as bonuses to help keep the new layer of skin healthy, an almost prerequisite of any microdermabrasion treatment in our opinion.

The NuBrilliance is currently sitting at #3 on our list of microdermabrasion machines.

Overall Score: 81%

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  • Can my nubrillance machine be replaced with the microderm md,

  • Hey Barbara,

    You would have to contact Nubrilliance directly to sort out the issue with your machine. As we only review the products and don’t manufacture or sell them ourselves we have no say in any returns/sales etc…

    Hope that helps :-)

  • I could not agree more with this review. I had the NuBrillance for two months. I LOVED it. After a period of about 60 days, it turned into a pathetic machine that would make noise and not deliver any such or results. Huge disappointment because a little quality could have gone a long way with this machine.

  • Thanks Chadrick for the feedback! Glad to hear we’re not the only ones :-)

  • Jody Wilson June 15, 2013 3:35 pm

    I have had mine since February of this year and I loved it…mostly for the suction. I have used it about every 4 weeks and then yesterday I was about to use it and it wouldn’t turn on. I cannot get this $250, over priced product to turn on at all. I have cared for it exactly as instructed…didn’t keep it in the bathroom where there would be to much humidity, stored it in it’s original box changed filters after every use…and I have a machine that doesn’t even turn on. I see that they have a limited one year warranty, so that is good. But I don’t trust this company, I think I will go to the trouble and expense of sending it back for repair or replacement and they will do what most companies do: say they are sorry but it must have been something you did/didn’t to so we wont replace it.
    Seriously, someone needs to turn these people into the BBB or something.
    I will let you know what happens when I return it.

  • Wow Jody, thank you for letting us know! It’s sounding like this is becoming the case for a lot of users of this machine…which is really too bad. Please do let us know how you go with returning it etc..

    I’m really hoping they honour their warranty for you!

  • Machine worked great for about a year.

    Took care of it, but like everyone else I have no suction. The machine runs but that’s it!

    Waste of money. Can’t return. Is there any way to repair or is there anyone that can repair at a reasonable price, since I paid so much for it!

    Really disappointed. Not it’s in my closet in it’s original box and thinking about throwing it out!

  • Sorry to hear about that. Have you reached out to Nubrilliance and asked about repairs? I’m sure they would know what to do!


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