My Natox Review: The Safer Alternative to Injections

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My Natox ReviewYou’ve probably all heard the saying “Age is just a number,” but how many of you truly believe that?

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, how you look can make you feel older than your actual age. Sometimes all it takes is a little skintimate TLC to give you back the radiant skin that keeps you feeling young at heart.

Ever on the search for amazing anti-aging products, I was introduced to Natox. I put this to the test on myself and my mom for this Natox review, but first let’s talk a few facts.

What the Heck is Natox?

Natox is a potent anti-wrinkle cream that combats the signs of aging with a blend of 100% pure and organic ingredients.

This cream penetrates deep down to the root of skin problems and replicates the effects of anti-aging injections. It does this by targeting the muscles and nerves that lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike a needle that uses toxins to bind to your nerve endings, Natox uses electromagnetically charged particles to relax them.

The particles give off frequencies that prevent nerve synapses from occurring so your muscles aren’t over-contracting. The result is more relaxed facial muscles, therefore relaxed facial lines.

My 4 Week Natox Review

As I mentioned before, my mom and I tested out a tube of this wrinkle reducer for the purpose of this Natox review, and there are a few things we wanted to get off our chests…

The scent of this product is a little bitter. It’s a little overbearing at first, but disappears quickly. This is probably because the cream is made from organic ingredients.

Did I happen to mention that it is also paraben and cruelty free? It is also free from artificial fragrances, but I assure you it’s natural aroma is enough.

Both mama and I found that the cream left our skin feeling silky smooth. It was so smooth in fact, one might compare it to a baby’s behind. Maybe. *wink*

What I loved about the cream was how moisturized my skin felt, without any lingering feeling of oil or grease. It’s almost as if you can feel it soak right down into your deepest layers of skin and nourish from there.

I must say, even after 4 short weeks, my mom was noticing a reduction in her fine lines around her eyes and lip. The picture might do it the justice it deserves but she is pretty damn happy with her results.

Natox before and after resultsI don’t really have wrinkles yet, but I did notice how radiant it made my skin glow.

The Best Place to Buy Natox

Before you run off and buy Natox though there are a few things to consider, like the price—one thing I’m not entirely thrilled with.

Sold in British pounds, the bottle will cost you £89.99. That’s approximately $145CAD. Ouch. While the price point may hurt, you’re paying for quality and there is a deal.

When you buy Natox online you are eligible for a £20 discount on your next bottle when you submit a testimonial along with Before and After shots from your first 4 weeks of use.

Looking for even more deals? Natox guarantees results or your money back. If you aren’t diggin your results after 60 days, just get in touch with the company and opt in for their “wrinkle-work out guarantee.” Catchy name!

Want to start looking younger now?

Hit up the official Natox site, grab your bottle and watch your wrinkles fade away. Just be sure to pinch your nose while you apply it!

Click Here to Learn More About Natox from their Official Website

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