Minimize Acne Scars with MSM

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Minimize Acne Scars with MSM

It feels like it’s been ages since I talked about acne with you, so I decided it was time the topic made a reappearance. This may also have something to do with the fact that I woke up with 2 big spots on my face, located in the most obscure area of my cheek.

As I was inspecting these bad boys in the mirror, I couldn’t help but notice a few acne scars. While I’ve been pretty damn lucky to never have serious acne, I’ve definitely had my fair share. Being a picker (is this getting TMI?…Sorrrrrrry!) I never let them be, so needless to say I have a few scars.

To make a rather long and boring story short, I decided it was high time I even those suckers out. I’m pretty good about my skincare routine. I exfoliate regularly and do routine at home microdermabrasion treatments, but these weren’t exactly doing the trick. Being the ever clever DIY diva, I took to the interwebs to conduct some research.

One of my favourite acne bloggers is The Love Vitamin so I wasn’t surprised to find an amazing new acne DIY’s there. One in particular caught my eye and it was on MSM.

What is MSM?

MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is a natural sulfur that occurs in fruits and vegetables, as well as raw dairy from grass-fed cows. You would think that because it is present in foods we would experience more inner skintastic benefits, however if the food source has been frozen, cooked, irradiated or has been raised on minimal rain, the MSM levels are too low to be beneficial.

The good news is, you can purchase 100% pure MSM online. But you probably want to hear about the benefits before you go ahead and do that.

The Benefits of MSM

So, how exactly can you minimize acne scars with MSM? Well first off, sulfur is required for your body to produce collagen and keratin, the proteins responsible for healthy skin. In conjunction with Vitamin C, you can really start to see the improvements in your skin.

MSM is a potent detoxifier, meaning it will help rid your body of toxins that may be causing current acne and preventing the healing of acne scars.

Finally, MSM is a great anti inflammatory agent. When you get big pimples, MSM will really help to reduce the inflammation, minimize the redness and the likelihood that it will become a new scar.

How to Minimize Acne Scars with MSM

Let’s dive into the good stuff now – how to actually  minimize acne scars using MSM. (Recipe thanks to Tracy from The Love Vitamin)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 tablespoon pure MSM
  • 1/4 cup pure Aloe Vera (low quality, impure aloe gel will not work)

In a bowl mix together your two ingredients and blend until you can get it as smooth as possible.  Rub the mixture onto your clean skin and leave it be.

We suggest using it at night so you can leave it on all night long, however if you want to use it in the AM just make sure your mixture is super smooth so you don’t see the MSM crystals on your face. That would be weird!

For serious acne scars use this mixture twice daily.

Now tell us; do you have acne scars or did you discover a way to get rid of them yourself? Share your experience in the comment section below!  

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  • Do you have any scientific sources that support your recommendation? Why would it be beneficial to put it on your skin? I really like your blog but the lack of references definitely is a major shortcoming here.. :( You should refer to PubMed or other recognized sources in order to verify your advice will hold what it promises.

  • Our recommendations are based on personal experiences. If you’re looking for something more scientific, we’re probably not the blog for you!


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