Miessence Skin Care: Umm…What’s So Special About Their Products??

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Miessence skin careAs our organic skin care week comes to an end, we have one last final line of products we would like to review and that is Miessence Skin Care.

This is a brand that we can tell is quite popular, but we found it difficult to see the reasons why, considering there is nothing THAT special about any of their products.

We’re going to do our best to give an honest review of some of their top products, plus reveal the pro’s and con’s of Miessence as a whole so that you can get a clearer picture before making a decision on whether they might be right for you.

BES Breakdown

The first thing you notice when you start going through each of their products, is that there is no one specific set of ingredients they tend to focus on.

Instead when you read over the ingredients, it looks as though they just tried to blend together all known natural skin healing elements know to man, without selecting a primary active ingredient.

For example if you take a look at their balancing cleanser, there are literally 13 separate ingredients, with no one obvious primary shown.

Normally we would say this is a good thing, as our favorite line of organics tend to do the same thing. except the difference is they don’t blend together too many ingredients and usually select one as the primary in each of their products.

Miessence Soothing Couperose GelMiessence have not done this.

Okay so what types of products do they have in their line?

They only offer 25 skin care products in total, which isn’t a lot and if we were to take a guess as to why that is the case, it would be that Miessence may focus more of their efforts on the research and development of their line of organic cosmetics.

Moving on, probably their most successful skin care product to date would have to be their Soothing Couperose Gel, most beneficial to those with sensitive skin.

One of it’s main benefiting factors is that is has the ability to heal and strengthen broken capillaries and other redness caused mainly by overexposure to the sun and just general aging.

Why It’s HOT!

This was a tough one we have to admit. There’s not a lot that sets Miessence Skin Care aside from all the rest, but if we did have to say something, it would be their reputation.

We have heard good things about dealing with their customer support, which these days we all know can be a little bit of a struggle.

Apart from that, there are more problematic things worth discussing…

Why It’s NOT!

To answer the title of this post, there isn’t ANYTHING special about their products. We found it impossible to pinpoint a certain thing we liked about each of their treatment options, due to the fact that all of them combine a ton of different ingredients into the same formula.

Secondly none of their products really stood out to us, making it difficult to make a suggestion to you guys.

All the the ingredients they use in their products are often seen in most of the organic lines on the market today anyway, which is a bit of a let down if you ask us.

In a nutshell if you are after an incredibly light set of skin care products that do very little as far as more serious issues go, then Miessence can at least offer that. However if you’re after a little more in terms of results, we would have to suggest our favourite organic skincare system, Pai

Skin Score!

Miessence, although their products are certified as being completely organic, just didn’t WOW us in any way. As we already mentioned, if you are looking for a really light set of creams, this line should do what you need.

But if you’re after something with a little more umph, then don’t expect too much out of these guys.

Overall Score: 78%

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