The Microdermabrasion Machine That Is Really Worth Your Dolla Dolla Billz

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Microdermabrasion Machine

Are you one of the thousands of people who would love to have younger looking skin that looks refreshed, healthy, and radiant without having to spend the money on cosmetic surgery? You are not alone.

There are thousands, hell, millions of people who would love to have better looking and softer skin, that radiates youth and vitality, but it can be a struggle to find a product that actually delivers the anti-aging results they always seem to promise.

We have recently become more and more enamoured with the different mircrodermabrasion machine that are available from different brands, thanks to a load of research we were doing on the best microdermabrasion machine.

How A Microdermabrasion Machine Can Help You Get Younger Skin

Simply put, when you buy a home microdermabrasion machine, you are taking a big step towards younger looking skin.

These machines help to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out rough skin, help any facial scars to fade, decrease the size of your pores, and helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation, also called age spots.

An at home microdermabrasion machine can also help your skin because the exfoliation opens up your pores and makes it easier for powerful skin creams to penetrate deeper into your skin, ultimately helping to promote collagen production which gives your skin a more youthful appearance.

How Does A Microdermabrasion Machine Work?

Basically, a microdermabrasion machine works by you applying the exfoliating wand to your skin which works to scrub the years away, as well as uses a suction-type vacuum to clean up any dead skin particles off your face.

This action should remove the top 3-5 layers of your outer dermis, and if you use the microdermabrasion machine for a short 5-10 minute treatment a couple times a week you should start to see your skin looking younger and smoother in a few short weeks.

Which Microdermabrasion Machine Works Best?

While we haven’t tested out all the available microdermabrasion machines out there, there are two we quite enjoy.

The diamond microdermabrasion machine called, Diamond Radiance, not only has 5 different speed settings, but it also helps to improve your skin and generate collagen after each treatment causing your wrinkles to fade away after each session.

However, the microdermabrasion machine we absolutely love is Microderm MD.

This handy at-home machine not only helps to rid your skin of age spots, liver spots, sun damage, blemishes and uneven skin tone and texture but it can also help to rid your skin of acne scars as well as stubborn lines and wrinkles!

Our research and tests show that these two microdermabrasion machines not only help your skin to look younger, they also allow you to do it from the comfort of your own home while not costing you an arm and a leg.

Affordable anti-aging skincare treatments, nothing makes us happier!

Want to See V Testing Out the Microderm MD? Click Here!

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  • Hi I’m interested in purchasing an @ home microdermabrasion machine. I’ve read a crystal tip machine is the best option. With this machine how often do you have to replace the diamond tip & what is the cost for a replacement? I couldn’t find that info on their website. Thank you

  • Hey Abi,

    From my knowledge, these tips are pretty durable and won’t have to be replaced for at least a couple of years. Are you thinking about buying the Microderm MD?

  • Thank you for your quick reply! I am researching microdermabrasion machines. I

  • I bought a crystal based machine & was not happy with it. I was also looking at the Sylvan home microdermarasion machine. It claimed that their machine was made in Japan for a far superior machine as opposed to a similar machine that is made inn China,thus making it a flimsier machine w/ more motor problems, not as good as the one on the sylvan website.

  • Hmm yeah I’ve heard only a little about the Sylvan so I can’t really comment there, but I can say that more often then not most machines have let a lot of people down so far…especially the crystal varieties like the one you tried.

    If there was anything I would recommend it would be to make sure the machine you do decide to buy has a variety of speeds and not just one.

  • I am very interested in purchasing the Microderm MD

  • Yeah well, it was my favorite machine that’s for sure. It’s really simple to use and the suction power it has isn’t to light or strong. Plus it has a variety of speeds which is the most important thing in my opinion.

  • If you’re interested in microdermabrasion, try vacubrasion by skinvac. You can find it on amazon just search Skinvac they have really good reviews. Best of all its inexpensive and I found the results to be instant in just couple treatments. I like this system as its super easy to use and I can do my own microdermabrasion at home using my home vacuum and get self professional results like I would when going to a specialist office or spa. I have been doing my own microdermabrasion for months now and using skinvac, it’s definitely an investment worth spending for amazing looking skin. In just couple of treatments my skin looks a lot healthier, smoother and much clear. I have also noticed my acne scars and brown spots slowly clearing away.
    I like how the diamond abrasive tips are reusable, so I can share it with my sisters and never have to worry about replacements and its super easy to clean with just alcohol wipes or even soap and water. The kit also came with a brilliant adjustable suction attachment that allows me to regulate the pressure of the suction around the sensitive areas like under the eyes.
    I’m glad I found out about skinvac, it’s definitely worth spending your money for instant, professional self treatment at home.

  • Thank you so much for that Rimapat! What an awesome review :-)

    I personally love Microderm MD so I’ll be sticking with that but I’m sure our readers will find your comment extremely helpful!

    Thanks again :)

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