Microdermabrasion At Home: Gettin’ Our Scrub On!

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Dry, dull skin is usually left for the cold, dry, bleek winter months, but our girl Caroline wrote in this week with a Q about how to rid her face of bleh skin so she can start rocking newer, healthier, younger looking skin.

So we A’d that Q with some microdermabrasion at home tips and even threw in a little cheesy lip synching, because that’s just how we roll!

Which means you should probably click that big sexy play button and let us throw ya some mad knowledge on ways to use microdermabrasion at home, for only TWO DOLLAS! That’s right, two dollars make you holla!

However, if you’re not into watching my cheesy lip synching but still want those badass DIY tips, simply click here and read our entire post on DIY microdermabrasion fixes.

Or if you aren’t digging the DIY fixes period and would rather just scrub away that dead skin then check out our top choices for the best microdermabrasion machines on the market today.

Now we want to hear from you ladies! Do you use a microdermabrasion at home machine or are you thinking of testing one out? Are you digging these DIY tips we’re giving you or are you not really a DIY type of gal? Share your thoughts, experiences, and of course any questions you may have in the comment section below.

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Rock on with your bad selves.

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