Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask: A Manly Man’s Mask

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Menscience Facial Cleansing MaskI have used all my sisters and my mother as guinea pigs for new skin care products. In fact, I ask them to try new products so often I think they are getting sick of it. This I will never understand because I love it so much!

A product arrived in the mail a few weeks ago and the title alone suggested it wasn’t female appropriate. I received the Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask.

I don’t have a boyfriend and couldn’t think of one male friend that would be willing to test it out for me. I was about to do the unfathomable; it was time to ask my father.

Gordo is not a slight man. He’s 6 feet of gruff Scotsman who has no interest in conditioners and lotions, let alone sporting a facial mask for 10 minutes a few times a week. I knew that asking him would require a little finessing, so what did I do? I pulled out my best “Daddy’s little girl” act.

Oh come on ladies, you’ve done it too. You put on the pout, say it’s important to you and mope around a bit to get them feeling sorry for you. Works like a charm nearly every time.

You can imagine my surprise when big Gordo didn’t even put up a fuss. He practically offered to try it before I even asked. Not one to miss a golden opportunity, I jumped on it and we even had a father-daughter facial mask evening.

A Manly Night of Menscience Face MasksIt was precious.

Now for a few facts about the Menscience facial cleansing mask.

The 411 on Menscience

Menscience was founded in 2004 with the intention of transforming how men take care of their skin and body. They use dermatoligical-grade, high quality ingredients that are specific to men’s skin.

Their first few products focused on some common men skin care issues like razor burn and ingrown hairs, but did not boast a product line for nearly every skin issue. Until now!

From anti-aging and acne to shaving and nutrition there is a little something for that man in your life, whatever his skin ailment may be.

Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask

The Menscience facial cleansing mask that my father tried out was a blend of green tea and clay. These two ingredients work together to absorb impurities, clear pores and reduce excess skin oils.

Ideal for all skin types and gentle enough to use 2-3 times a week, this mask will leave your face feeling smooth and clean, no matter how tough and gruff of a man you may be.

To make the most of this mask, spread a generous amount on your face and neck and let it soak in for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water and repeat 2-3 times a week.

My Dad’s Opinion

Not one to hold back on his opinion, I knew we would be getting an honest product review.

Without having to poke and prod, my dad applied this mask on his own 2 times a week for at least one month. His initial thought on the application process was that the mask made your skin feel cool and slightly tingly.Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask

Once it began to dry he looked forward to rinsing it off. Doesn’t he look excited to be having a manpering moment?

Once rinsed off, his face felt smooth, but the skin was a little tight. I tried to convince him to apply some moisturizer, but I know how to pick my battles.

My dad has relatively decent skin. He doesn’t venture into the sun without a hat ever so he has no sun damage and next to no wrinkling.

He would experience the occasional blemish or red spot, but during his use of Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask I saw only clear skin.

All in all, he was a fan. He’s even keen to buy another tub! For approximately $30, he believes it’s worth it.

For a man who has never used a skin care product in his life I was impressed by his diligent use and open-mindedness. If Gordo can try it, so can any man—metro, rough, tough, or sensitive!

Alright boys, who here has tried a face mask before? Dish your thoughts on the experience below

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