Meladerm Cream: 2 Weeks To Lighter More Even Looking Skin

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MeladermToday we’re going to discuss what we believe to be a bit of an underdog in the skin lightening world – Meladerm.

Although this cream doesn’t get as much exposure as most of the larger brands, from what we’re hearing it’s every bit just as effective at lightening skin and reducing the appearance of age spots and other related issues.

In this Meladerm review, we’re going to focus our efforts on revealing some of the information hidden from the general public, touching on some of the ingredients used and how effective they are individually.

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We’ll then run some comparisons with the other leading product on the market, giving you guys a chance to see the differences in both effectiveness and price.

Let’s get started!

Meladerm Ingredients

There are 17 ingredients in total that make up the formula for Meladerm cream, many of which are commonly used in most cosmetics. That’s why we’re only going to discuss the 3 key lightening ingredients that make this cream different from the rest.

They are:

  1. Alpha Arbutin
  2. Tego Cosmo C
  3. Gigawhite

Starting off with Alpha Arbutin, this compound has one specific purpose and that is to block the production of melanin, which you may already know is the chemical that gives color to our hair, eyes and in this case our skin.

As of now, it is by far the most effective compound for lightening our skin. Most products do use Alpha Arbutin but just in case, make sure you check to make sure it’s included in whatever lightening cream you decide to buy.

The second ingredient on our list is Tego Cosmo C, which again is another important skin lightener. This compound was developed as more of a natural pigment reducing complex to help reduce the signs of melasma. It’s a nice inclusion to see in this formula as it will help to balance out the other chemicals used and allow the body to more comfortably produce less melanin.

Finally Gigawhite is derived from plants found in the Swiss alps and is a successful alternative to hydroquinone which was revoked by the FDA back in 2006 as being a potential cancer causing agent. Gigawhite is a 100% natural and safe alternative to this harmful chemical.

Meladerm Is NOT A Whitener!

Before we go any further, we think it’s important to note that this cream is NOT a whitener! Too many people are making the decision to buy Meladerm for the wrong reasons, instead it’s purpose is to reduce the visibility of age spots, scarring and melasma, plus most importantly it helps to lighten our skin helping to increase the overall level of glow.

If your skin fits in any of these categories, this lightening cream will have the potential to give you results similar to what’s shown below:

Meladerm Before And After

Now let’s checkout some reviews…

Meladerm Reviews From Actual Customers

After what seemed like forever, we managed to hunt down and speak to some people who are members at a major Skincare forum(SkinCareTalk) and who have also tried out Meladerm skin. You can check them out yourself by visiting the site – SkinCareTalk.com

One of the things we did notice was that the majority of people who were looking to use this cream specifically for the purpose of lightening their already dark tone, didn’t see the results they were after. we should note, the majority of these people were of Indian descent.

The people who did see results were those looking to reduce the appearance of age spots, melasma or scarring.

Here’s a two step review, the second post was made 4 months later:

“Hello everyone,

Finally I received my order yesterday and will update everyone once I use it for a couple weeks!
Well, I started using the 5 piece kits last night and I actually see my skin a bit lighter already this morning….:-))….I was really impressed!!
Anyway, lets see how my face the brown spots which I was really concern about will be lighter or not in a couple of weeks!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!!!


4 months later…

“Just an update…..I am happy to let everyone knows that the skin care works well on me!!

My mom told me that my face is much better now then before, the tone are even out and the brown spots already lighten quite a bit……

Beside using the Meladerm, I also used the SPF30 sunblock in the day time as well…..”


The second one again was on the same site. It honestly looks like the majority of people using Meladerm and seeing little or no results are those strictly looking to whiten their skin.

We should stress again, this ISN’T the purpose of Meladerm, instead it’s designed to lightening the appearance of spots, scars and melasma, plus at the same time LIGHTEN your skin, not “whiten”.

Check this one out:

“I almost gave up on Meladerm, but i am giving them another try
since the fall and in 2 months i have definitely lightened all over about 2-3 shades! i wasted alot of money on trying Fair Flawless, Tonique, and Herbalinn, and have decided to stick with Meladerm, the 3.4 oz cream.
i found when i used it once a day, it made my skin clearer, no acne, but now that i use it twice a day, its working really well. it costs $80 per month since i’m lightening my whole body, face, but it’s worth it. i plan to stick to it for years to come. i just hope the results don’t wear off.”


We’ve got a video review now, which we think you should take a look at. It’s a little annoying to watch, but at least the girl is truthful with the results she’s had using Meladerm.

Check it out…

==>Click Here for the official Meladerm site<==

Okay we promised you some comparisons, so let’s get started!

Meladerm Price & Other Comparisons

Now that we’ve established this product isn’t designed for whitening but instead for the purpose of lightening and removing the appearance of age spots, scarring and melasma, we can now properly compare other products that do the same thing.

Probably the most popular brand of skin lighteners on the market today is Revitol of which I’m sure you’ve heard of. Meladerm was developed after Revitol therefore they wanted to include more ingredients to basically better it’s major competitor.

They did just that by including in 10 active lightening ingredients which is a lot when compared to Revitol, who only have 3 in their formula.

From a ton of reading, which you can do yourself, it’s clear that Meladerm is by far the Ferrari of skin lightening whereas Revitol is more like the Prius.


Before you even think about buying, make sure you’re getting a full money back guarantee with your purchase.

Buying from third party merchants can in some cases mean you won’t receive a guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with the results you receive, you want to make sure you can get your money back.

Buying from the official Meladerm site WILL mean you’ll have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t see results within 3 weeks, make sure you give them a call on 1-888-3-civant and ask for your money back.

Get angry with them if you have to!

If you want to read some more on Meladerm or buy some for yourself, you can visit the official site below to get started…

Eager to Lighten and Brighten Your Skin? Click Here to Take the First Step and Visit the Official Meladerm site


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