My LifeCell Review After 6 Weeks + a Compilation of Lifecell Reviews From Real Customers

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lifecellWe all want fabulously radiant, glowing, and effortlessly younger looking skin, right?  It seems like there is always a new cream coming out that promises to change the way your skin looks.

Sometimes these creams deliver on their promises, other times they are simply a load of hype and not worth your hard earned dollars.

We’ve been hearing more and more recently about a skin cream called LifeCell that promises to visibly change the way your skin looks within 17 seconds.

It seemed too good to be true so we started reading as many LifeCell reviews as we could find.

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Surprisingly, we found most of the LifeCell reviews to be extremely positive and have included most of the reviews we found in an attempt to help you decide on whether or not to buy LifeCell and start changing the way your skin looks.

But before we get started with what real customers have had to say about LifeCell, here is what I had to say about LifeCell after 6 weeks of testing it out! Check out my results to see if it would be a good purchase for you.

Read these LifeCell reviews below and learn from real users.


“This saved my under-eyes. I’m 34 and was starting to get dynamic wrinkles under my eyes but this combined with facial exercises got rid of them completely. I can’t live without this now! It’s the best undereye cream I’ve ever found!! It’s also not at all expensive if you use it only for small areas as the container is huge. I use it only under my eyes and it’s lasted me over 2 years.. I also saw results very quickly. I don’t know what’s with all the bad reviews, this is one of the most effective anti-aging products out there! Maybe it’s not the greatest all over face cream as it is kind of expensive for that when there are other things that work very well for cheap but for the under eye area, I’ve found nothing even close!! Many under-eye creams also cause my eyes to swell overnight if I use them before bed, but not this. It lasts so long if you use it on small areas only, it ends up costing less than $7 a month.. ”
– Username: “Darkangel”, California


“I ordered this product and loved it! It was all that I imagined and more. I saw results almost immediately after I started using it and now people are always commenting on how good my skin looks. I recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a quality face cream. “
– N. Lyons


“It’s worth it for me. This is the absolutely only antiaging cream that doesn’t make me break out. It actually has helped heal the acne I had gotten from other products. I use it with my derma roller, and my skin is smooth, firm, and even toned. My skin also doesn’t dry out in the winter, like it used to, except maybe around the eyes.”
– Anonymous


“I bought it and was skeptical at the beginning but due to South Beach Skincare’s reputation and the 4 months guarantee they provide (I did not find any company with such fantastic guarantee), I decided to try LifeCell because you cannot just rely on other’s people experience due to a simple fact that everybody is different, skin type is different – so one product can be working for one person and don’t do anything for others. There is no product out there that will work for everybody and you have to admit that. I have friends who did not get any benefit from Strivectin, Revitol, Dermajuv and other products. So it did not stop me from trying them as well and I found Strivectin did a good job for me but not as good as LifeCell. I was actually amazed with results! I was so glad that LifeCell did a wonderful job for my skin type. I just stopped looking for skin care products – I hope for a long time! At the same time my friend tried LifeCell seeing my results and it wasn’t doing so good for her. She ended up returning it in 5 weeks and was amazed how fast South Beach Skincare handled the return. They refunded all her money back in 2 days after they had received it. I would suggest all women go by company’s reputation, their guarantee but not by somebody’s review. Because you can miss a really-really good product that really works. Hope this help to make a right decision. My vote for LifeCell is 5 stars +++++ “
– Samantha Johnson


“I have honestly used just about every cream out there – you name it, i’ve tried it. Even prescription Renova, Retina, Jan Marini, La Mer, Hydroxitone, etc. So so many. have very reactive skin and liked this had such a good guarantee. Pricey, but when you add up all the other products you use -serums, night creams, eye creams, etc., and add into one, its really not that bad. I was amazed at the results. The crows feet that had become a big issue for me, became less apparent to a point they hadnt been since my young twenties. Im 30. My skin hasnt been this smooth and youthful in years. I dont even have to wear makeup, just sunscreen. I know everyone’s skin is different, but something about this product is doing something right. I would recommend and I am sticking with it.”
– Shamari, Shawnee, OK


“I’m not big on making a bunch of noise about a product, whether good or bad. If it works for me, then great. If it turned me three shades of blue, then the makers would get an earful and need to take care of it, but I wouldn’t waste a lot of time trying to be ‘heard’ on a blog somewhere.

However, because the LifeCell cream is on the spendy side, I think some people may want either some assurances of its effectiveness, or some warnings if it didn’t deliver. For me, it worked.

It wasn’t a one-week wonder and instantly make me ready for t.v., but by the time I needed to think about whether to re-order or not, I can definitely say that I am better with it than I was without it.

Hope that helps. “
– B. Savage – Seattle Washington


“An excellent cream that will fortify the skin’s lipid barrier and enhance its basal-area functioning via a synergistic group of antioxidants (notably Idebenone) and neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptides (AH3). However, despite its irrefutable skin-tightening, moisturization, and complexion-brightening benefits, LifeCell FAILS to deliver on its “Botox-alternative” claims — either due to inadequate peptide concentration or limited bioactives’ deep-penetration.
In conclusion, from the vantage point of ETHICAL cosmeceutical practice, there is NO Botox-alternative: there is Botox! LifeCell, notwithstanding, must be given credit as a remarkably effective anti-aging treatment that imparts visible benefits to the skin, notably skin-tightening and “glow,” and as a biomedical writer and a cosmeceuticals user, I rate it “One of the TOP 3 Brands in the [current] Anti-Aging Cosmeceutical marketplace.”
– Elena Boross-Toby “Ellie BT, Biomedical Writer”

We hope by reading these LifeCell reviews you are able to get a better feel for how effective LifeCell skin cream is.

If you have any LifeCell reviews you would like to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments. We always love to hear feedback from our readers.

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