How To Tighten Pores Naturally

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Tips on how to tighten pores naturally

You take pride in your face. Not only have you worked hard to clear your acne, moisturize daily, exfoliate regularly and do everything else I suggest, but you’ve changed your diet and lifestyle as well.

Something just doesn’t look right though. After a quick inspection in the mirror you realize the problem; your pores are the size of saucers. Eek!

Those little openings that allow your sweat, toxins and oils to secrete from are enlarged and in charge. There are several reasons why this could be happening to you, so let’s take a quick look at why and how to tighten pores naturally, shall we?

Problematic Pores

Your skin type can directly affect the size of your pores. For those with oily skin, your overactive sebaceous glands are at fault. Over-producing oil stresses your pore size.

Everyone likes to get a little sunshine on their face, but over exposure can have damaging effects. UVA and UVB rays lead to prominent, larger pores.

If you suffer from acne, large pores can be a result. The buildup of oil, dirt and bacteria that initially led to your acne outbreaks can stretch your pores. You may also be interested to know that blackheads cause more damage than whiteheads. Shocking, right?

Of course, aging and heredity can play a role in problematic pore size as well. Aging causes reduced skin elasticity and as gravity tugs at your skin, the skin thins and your pores dilate. Heredity on the other hand, can influence your skin type and therefore contribute to larger pores.

Tackling the Issue

Since you can’t airbrush your enlarged pores away (wouldn’t it be nice if you could though?), let me teach you a few at-home DIY’s on how to tighten pores naturally.

A Citrus Cure

Lemons and pineapples contain enzymes that naturally tighten and firm your face but also purify your skin and give you a radiant glow. If you use this citrus cure daily you should see results in as soon as one week. Here’s how:

Step 1: Cut a fresh lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a bowl.

Step 2: Slice up some pineapple and using a fork, press down on the pineapple to release it’s juices. Pour the juice into the bowl with lemon juice.

Step 3: Giving your juice cocktail a quick stir, take a clean face cloth and soak it in the liquids.

Step 4: On a clean face, firmly place the juice drenched face cloth over your face and let sit for 2 minutes. Make sure your eyes are closed or else the citric acid will sting your eyes.

Step 5: Rinse your face off with warm water and stay tuned for my pore-tightening follow up!

Tightening Toner

If you have saucer-sized pores you’re probably going to want to follow up your facial with this easy-to-make toner.

Combine 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with ¼ cup of cold water in a spray bottle. Shake it up then spritz all over your face. Only use this spray once or twice weekly though. You don’t want to dry out your skin.

This is a great little trick because apple cider vinegar is a natural antibacterial agent that not only protects your skin from bacteria build ups that will stress your pore size, but it helps reduce the production of sebum (oil).

After trying out these DIY’s myself, I couldn’t have been happier with the results. All it takes is 4 cheap and easy to find ingredients to shrink your pores and get that clear complexion you so greatly deserve.

Do you have larger pores? How have you dealt with the in the past? Do you have any tips on how to tighten pores naturally that we should know about? As always, hit up the comment section below and share your experiences and recipes! After all, we ladies loooove options.

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  • Hi! In terms of the citrus toner would grapefruit/grapefruit essential oil work?

  • I definitely love grapefruit and it is supposed to be quite good for your skin so you could always give it a try and see how it works for you :)

  • Charlie Brown August 6, 2015 11:07 pm

    Since it’s natural and we wouldn’t be using preservatives can these be made an stored or do you need to dispose and make a fresh batch each time? Or how long can they sit before the ingredients start going bad?

  • The toner will last for ages, but for the lemon/pineapple face mask I would suggest remaking it each time just to be safe!


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