How to Protect Skin from Damage with Health Supplements

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How to Protect Skin from Damage with Health Supplements

*Guest Post by Christopher*

Skin can be easily damaged in subtle and often hard to fix ways. Whether it’s drying out over a cold winter, burning in summer or simply reacting to the weather by becoming oily, it can be all over the place. That’s not to mention wrinkles, dark spots and all other kinds of blemishes! But there is a way to help protect the skin from this damage, and it’s one that’s quite easy to implement!

By focusing on key vitamins and minerals, and adding them in either via your diet or health supplements.

But which health supplements should you focus on? Here are 5 supplements that will help you protect your skin.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is most commonly gained via sunlight, but if you’re after protecting your skin, you almost certainly don’t want to increase sun exposure.

Taking supplements is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D without this risk. But it’s not just this aspect that means you should be taking it – vitamin D also has a bunch of benefits for the skin. Having a reasonable amount of vitamin D can minimise acne or other spots, and reduce the appearance of lines and dark spots. It’s this, plus it’s ability to aid in the production of collagen, that leads to it being a great all-round vitamin to add in via supplements.

Vitamin C

If vitamin D is good for collagen production, vitamin C is even better. Combined with its boost to the immune system, this makes it an excellent choice for those interested in protecting the skin from damage.

If you already have sun damage or acne marks (not scars, because there are limits even to this!) it can help to fade them, so it’s also great for reducing pre-existing damage. One of the biggest benefits of vitamin C is its assistance in preventing and treating damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has long been lauded for its health benefits, but did you know you can gain those benefits in supplement form – not just by drinking it? It’s packed with antioxidants, vital for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of free-radicals. It’s also a great anti-inflammatory, meaning if you’re concerned about damage from swelling or spots, it can reduce this.


Biotin is vital for keeping hair and nails strong, but it also has benefits for the skin as well. If you tend towards any skin issues – acne, psoriasis, dry skin, dermatitis, or rashes – a lack of biotin may be one of the causes. In cases like this, consult with your doctor but it may be worth considering adding in a supplement to counter them.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another great supplement for aiding against the effect of free radicals, preventing damage from these. Studies have shown that vitamin E can help reduce the chances of sunburn – but this shouldn’t be taken as an excuse to bake yourself in the sun any more, because you can still damage your skin even without getting burned.

All of these supplements can help protect your skin, but that doesn’t mean you should willfully expose your skin to potential damage sources. If you’re committed to keeping your skin healthy, then alongside these supplements there are a couple of other things you should be doing.

Firstly, make sure you’re not getting too much sun exposure. Wearing a foundation with UV protection can help in the cooler months, but when summer comes round make sure you wear a decent factor of sun-cream – and replenish it often.

Alongside this, try to cleanse your skin regularly and definitely before bed – especially if you’ve been wearing make-up. This will keep your pores clear, preventing spots and swelling that could lead to scars if you find yourself squeezing them.

Finally, start using a moisturiser, especially in the winter months when skin is more prone to becoming cracked and dry. By keeping the moisture levels up, you can reduce the damage from the cold and give your body a break from trying to repair it.

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