How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally

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Raise your hand if you have ever gone out into the sun without sunscreen on. *raises her hand*

Now raise your hand if you have ever gotten a sunburn thanks to your lack of sunscreen. *raises both her hands*

Alright, now how many of you ladies have gotten sun spots thanks to your unprotected sun exposure? *waving both her hands in the air like she just don’t care*

It’s a pretty common thing for those of us who made it a habit to go out into the sun unprotected to now have a few of those annoying sun spots.

And while some of us try to not think about it or just accept them, there are women who would rather lighten those annoying spots and get it over with.

The only problem is some lightening creams can cost a pretty penny, some can ravage your skin, and some may just flat out not work.

There are natural solutions however, for those of you who would rather not risk it.

So what are these lightening solutions you ask? Well read on, my fellow skincare sistahs, as I school you on how to lighten your skin naturally.

And the best part? You don’t have to go any further than your kitchen.

The Power Of Lemon

Ohhhh yes girl, it’s not just for DIY cleaning products anymore. In fact, lemon is one of the best natural lightening and bleaching agents that doesn’t damage your skin, and is full of the natural antioxidant, vitamin C.

What’s even better is it can be used a couple of different ways. Now peep this.

Spray It

Squeeze the juice out of 4 or 5 lemons and mix equal parts of lemon juice and water into a clean, dry spray bottle. Shake well and spray all over your body or onto the specific parts you wish to lighten.

Let your lemon juice sit on your skin for up to 20 minutes, less than that if you have sensitive skin, and then rinse off with water.

If you aren’t really looking for a full body treatment, but instead would just like to lighten some spots on your face then maybe a face cleanse would be a better fit.

Rub It

To create a lightening face cleanse combine equal parts water, fresh lemon juice, honey, and aloe and use it the way you would use any facial cleanser in the morning.

Wash your face with it, rubbing it into your skin in a circular motion, let it sink in for a few minutes, and then rinse your face, moisturize and go about your day.

Spot Treat It

If there are specific spots on your face or your body that you want to lighten, but don’t require a lot of treatment, try spot treating them with straight up lemon juice.

Just grab a lemon, slice it in half, run it under water for a few seconds, then squeeze the lemon juice onto a cotton ball and apply it directly to the spot you want to lighten. Let it sit for up to 30 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water.

Cover It

While all of these treatments help to lighten your skin, maybe you’re the type of gal who prefers to get her face mask on and relax while letting it do all the work for you. And you know what, I don’t blame ya!

There’s nothing better than applying a good face mask, tying your hair up, maxin’ and relaxin’, and possibly even watching a little trashy tv.

To make this mask combine 1 tablespoon of plain organic yogurt with 4-5 drops of fresh lemon juice, and 1 drop of rose/lavender/or jasmine flower oil. Cover it and let it sit for about 2 minutes so all the ingredients settle together.

Then just simply slather your face and neck with your mask, sit back and let it soak in for up to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Remember to not use any soap, just fresh water, as you don’t want to irritate your skin.

If you use this mask every other day it should help to dramatically lighten your skin.

Just remember that no matter what lemon treatment you are using, once you have rinsed it off your face, or body, you shouldn’t go outside right after as the lemon and the sun combined could burn your skin.

If you do have to go outside, try to wait at least 20 minutes for your skin to settle and then lather up with a lot of sunscreen.

However, if DIY’ing just ain’t yo thang and you would rather fast-track your results then hop on over here and check out our list of the best skin lightening creams on the market today.

If you ain’t sure where to start in terms of a quality solution, then we recommend taking a look at our Meladerm review.

And finally, I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if you really want to prevent your skin from darkening any further then lather and slather sunscreen on each and every day girlfriend!

That way you are protected against the sun’s harmful rays.

Now it’s action jackson time! Are you one of the hundreds of women who want to know how to lighten your skin naturally?

Have you tried any of the treatments listed above or have you ever bought a lightening cream that worked for you?

Share your thoughts, experiences, and even questions in the comment section below. Or if you have your own recipe on how to lighten your skin naturally then please, share it in the comment section below.

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  • I want to start wearing sunscreen every day, however I am not happy about the idea of reapplying every two hours! That would eat up a LOT of the day reapplying sunscreen.. Is there a more sensible solution than reapplying every 2 hours?

  • Hey Brooke,

    I hear ya, it’s a bit of a pain but I don’t think it will eat up that much of your day…it all depends how much you’re going to be outside. If you were on a beach in the blazing sun in a bathing suit all day then yeah, apply it every two hours but if you’re just chillin’ at home or at work or something then you don’t have to apply it to your whole body.

    There’s ways around it and ultimately it’s completely up to you how you use SPF :)

  • Brooke,

    Getting in the habit of applying sunscreen daily is crucial to healthy skin with a natural glow. If you plan to be inside for the majority of your day then applying a moisturizing sunscreen as a part of your morning skin care routine should be sufficient. If you plan to be outside in the sun all day then it is important to protect your skin and reapply sunscreen. Hope this helps!

  • 2 question for the face rub do you aloe vera gel or an oil and i am a haitian ( brown skin) do i still need to apply sunscreen to be in the sun

  • Yes, always apply sunscreen!! It’s the best way to keep your skin from darkening :)

    And I’ve only ever used Aloe Vera gel or natural aloe straight from the plant

  • Can we use lime instead of lemon ?

  • You could always give it a go and see if it works but lemon is supposed to be ideal

  • Hey!!

    I’m going to try the face mask every other day but how long will it take until you see results?

  • You should start to see resultsin as little as two weeks. It won’t be a drastic change, but you should definitely start to see it begin to work!

  • Hey, I have a question what if your like really dark skinned how could I make my skin as white as yours?

  • I couldn’t say for sure, but I sort of doubt it. Your skin will naturally product melanin regardless of how hard you try to inhibit it and your genetics will play a huge role. You can definitely lighten it up though!

  • Hi can i use without sunblock

  • Sunblock is essential to maintaining lighter skin – not to mention it keeps your skin safe and younger looking!

  • How long will it take your skin to lighten with lemon…I have a very dark skin and dark circles and I am very upset about it

  • It will take some time. Probably a few weeks. Just be patient and stick with it :)

  • Only now see this post, will I see any changes if I do sun block and spraying lemons alone?

  • Yes, but it won’t be a significant change. You’ll want to combine a few of these DIY’s for best results!


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