Annoying Under Eye Circles And How To Get Rid Of Them

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If you have been around these parts long enough, you have probably heard us rant and rave…well…mostly rant on this site about under eye circles and how freakin’ annoying they can get. Especially when they won’t go away!

Well they must be annoying to women other than us because we got our first Q to A from one of our readers, Taylor who wanted to know how she could get rid of her dark circles.

Being that we are clearly dark circle soul sistahs, we decided to shoot a little video and give her, and you, tips on how to get rid of those nasty under eye circles because hey, we like shooting videos!

So click play on this bad boy and get yo’ DIY on gurrrrl!

If you’re not a video watchin’ kinda gal you can check out our DIY tips here.

Or if you are looking for a more immediate solution, check out our review on the top under eye creams we are currently diggin’. Currently Elite Serum is sitting at the top of the list, but it’s constantly evolving.

Now it’s action jackson time! Do you suffer from dark under eye circles that are just straight up bloody irritating?

Have you come up with a solution yourself that seems to work or are you still combing the web looking for the right fix? Leave a comment below and let us know how you deal with them.

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