How To Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

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It may come as a surprise but we here at BES loooove to get our DIY on. I know, you must be shocked.

But here we are, at it again, DIY’ing up a storm and A’ing a Q we received from Jennifer on how to make an exfoliating treatment for our more sensitive skinned sistahs.

“But V, didn’t you already teach us how to make a microdermabrasion treatment at home?”

That’s you by the way, and the answer is yes!

However, this time around I’m giving you a couple of tricks on how to exfoliate sensitive skin. Including a remedy for those ladies who like their exfoliators on the more gentle side, and one recipe for those women who like it, ummm, well, hard.

Intrigued? Click play.

If, however, you’re not in the video watching mood, and would rather skip ahead to the recipes, I understand. I’m *sniff* not *tear* offended. *sniff*

Just click here to get the recipes for both the soft and not-so-soft DIY exfoliators.

Of if you are more into buying than you are DIY’ing then check out our list of the best at-home microdermabrasion systems available today.

The only thing I ask is that you leave a comment with your thoughts or any DIY tips you may have on how to exfoliate sensitive skin…I mean…it’s the right thing to do if you aren’t going to watch my video. *insert violin music and guilt-inducing puppy dog eyes here*

And just in case I haven’t demanded enough of you already, help spread the skincare love by liking, tweeting, or pinning this post. I would be ever so grateful…like…even more grateful than I already am that you’re reading this post! That’s a whollllle lotta gratitude right there!


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