Homemade Acne Spot Treatment Recipe That Works Every Time!

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Homemade Acne Spot TreatmentLet’s be honest: there are A LOT of homemade acne spot treatment recipes, but most of them don’t actually work. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and tested out the majority of them so you don’t have to!

Out of all the ones I tried(about 10 in total), only three seemed to offer relatively good results. Now I’m not the kinda gal who suffers from severe acne breakouts, but I do from time to time get the occasional bump that I want removed as quickly as possible.

These three homemade acne spot treatment recipes are now my official “go-to’s” and I totally recommend you try them out next time you’re having problems.

Hold Up!

Before you head out and start DIYing your way to acne free skin, you might want to check out this video on the 3 best homemade acne treatments.

The final recipe is by far my favorite spot treatment and it shows you how to make and apply it in real life. You know, just in case you’re a little unsure of what it’s supposed to end up looking like. I know I screw up DIY recipes all the time!

Homemade Acne Spot Treatment Recipe #1: Aspirin & Water

Straight up, this remedy works every time. What’s the best thing about it? It’s so freakin’ simple to make. All you need is one aspirin and some water.


Not only is aspirin an anti-inflammatory, but it also contains salicylic acid. SA has an uncanny ability to clear out unwanted blockages in your pores. Only by removing the dirt and grime in our skin, can we start to get a handle on the problem. The anti-inflammatory nature of aspirin will help bring down the swelling usually associated with cystic acne.

Making This Spot Treatment

Just follow this ridiculously simple step-by-step process that take’s less than 5 minutes to prepare:

Step One: Take one aspirin and using the back of a table spoon, crush it down into a powder. This isn’t supposed to be back-breaking labor either. As you can see from the video above, it only took 10-20 seconds to crush the aspirin.

Step Two: Mix in about 2 tablespoons of water with the crushed aspirin until you have a consistent looking paste. Again you can check out the video for an example of what it should look like.

Step Three: Apply the paste as a spot treatment to the areas most effected by acne. Leave on for about 10 minutes before washing off with water.

This is the perfect spot treatment for those morning where you wake up with one of those annoying zits that takes over your entire face! (or at least it feels that way at the time)

Homemade Acne Spot Treatment Recipe #2: Baking Soda & Lemon Juice

This is one of my all time favorites because it’s affordable, easy-to-make and you can actually feel it working unlike most home remedies.

You just need the following:

1 Fresh Lemon

The alpha hydroxy acid found in most citrus-based fruits including lemons, acts as a natural antibacterial. Once the conditions are right for bacteria to breed, they’re extremely hard to remove. Lemon juice is one of the only easy-to-get ingredients that has the ability to naturally destroy acne causing bacteria.

1 Tablespoon Baking Soda

We’ve already mentioned baking soda as being a great ingredient for DIY microdermabrasion, due to its ability to rapidly exfoliate micro-particles from your skin. It’s one of the most affordable ways of exfoliating your skin, something we’re in desperate need of when signs of acne start to surface.

Making The Spot Treatment

Just follow these simple steps for making and applying this spot treatment:

Step One: Take your tablespoon of baking soda and mix it in a bowl with 2-3 drops of lemon juice. Stir using a spoon and you should start to notice it froth a little before calming down into a paste.

Step Two: Apply directly to the problem areas and rub in a circular motion for about a minute. Leave on for about 20 minutes or better yet overnight for maximum results.

Homemade Acne Spot Treatment Recipe #3: Coconut Oil & Turmeric

Okay so you probably don’t have any coconut oil or turmeric in your pantry. If you do then great! If not, this will be a one time investment because both of them will last for a long time.

The first spot treatment was more for those with combination skin like myself, whereas this one is better suited for those with drier than normal skin.

Coconut oilCoconut Oil

Have you ever heard the old saying that “like attracts like”? Well in this case the coconut oil we’re using will help attract the unwanted sebum oil that caused the initial blockage. What we’re actually doing is using one oil to wash away another.

By removing a large amount of the sebum oil naturally produced in our skin, we can help free up any blockages that lead to the initial acne breakout.

Pretty cool huh?


This ingredient has a whole host of benefits including being an natural antibacterial, soothing agent and even an anti-inflammatory. Just like the alpha hydroxy acid in the first spot treatment recipe, the turmeric in this one will help to kill any unwanted acne causing bacteria.

Making The Spot Treatment

Again this is a really simple recipe to make, just two steps:

Step One: In a bowl, mix 1/2 tsp of turmeric with 1/2 tsp of coconut oil. Just stir until the mixture looks nice and even.

Step Two: Using your ‘clean’ fingers, apply the treatment directly to your problem areas about 20 minutes before going to bed. Rub in gently in a circular motion.

Step Three: After waking up in the morning, rinse off your face with warm water.

Things To Think About

Although you should notice a major difference after just one treatment of both of these, it will most likely take 2-3 days for your spots to fully heal.

The earlier you apply both of these remedies, the faster the results will be. Personally these three are the only ones that worked well for me, however if you do have another recipe you care to share, please drop me a comment in the box below. :-)

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  • Hey Vanessa! Those are some nice ideas :) However, I wonder if coconut oil is the best choice to put on acne skin?!? Isn’t it considererd highly comedogenic? Probably sunflower or jojoba or oliveoil would be a better alternative. What do you think?

  • Good point…I think olive oil or jojoba would probably work best. Sorry about that :-)

  • Hi Vanessa, thanks for the great remedies but can i ask how long can they last?like when there are extras left.

  • Thanks Vince, happy to hear you’re digging them :-)

    Typically the homemade remedies last a few days…but you shouldn’t push it more than 4 days or so.

  • Oh ok… thanks!!!=D

  • Where should the extra aspirin spot treatment be stored? It seems like something that should be kept in the refrigerator, or is that unnecessary?

  • Well if you are only making the treatment with one or two Aspirins at a time there shouldn’t be much to store. Besides it will probably dry up before the next time you use it, so if anything just make one treatment at a time :)

  • I actually find coconut oil to work vey well for my skin. Also manuka honey and lemon together are great! Very nice results.

  • Nice! Thanks for the remedy…I might have to give that a shot next time I get a breakout :)

  • I find your website very helpful I was just wondering if these will work for teenage spot as they are really annoying at times and I would really just like to clear them up if you could email me or even just reply to this comment that would be great Ive had them quite awhile now and would just really like to get to feel much more comfortable in my own skin

    Thanks alot 😉

  • Hey Chris,

    Yep these treatments should work no matter what age you are :-)

    Give ’em a try and let me know how they work for you!

  • I’m trying the turmeric and coconut oil right now and I’m wondering if the turmeric will stain my skin….

    Is that a possibility?

  • I think if you leave it on too long it could but the remedy we’ve provided shouldn’t :)

  • Can you use the baking soda/Lemon remedy everyday?? Or will it be too harsh? I used it last night and was really amazed this morning, but they aren’t all gone yet. Should I wait? Or use it again tonight? These are great by the way! Thank you!

  • Well give it a try again today and if you find it’s too rough on your skin then do it once every few days :)

  • I was mixing the turmeric and coconut oil with my (clean) fingers and notices it died my finger bright yellow! I’m very wary as to whether I should put it on my face :(

  • According to V you should be fine if you only put it on your breakouts, not your entire face.

  • Lastly and probably the most important aspect of any acne treatment plan is patience.

    Acne treatment is done according to the severity of acne.
    By using natural acne treatments, like using lemon
    juice for inflammation, you are less likely to have any type of allergic or adverse reaction.

  • I really hope this works because I am 12 and almost nobody in my grade has acne!! I feel so awkward when I have acne like white/black heads and they really hurt so I have 1 question: So how well do these remedies work?

    I hope you get back to me!!!

  • They should definitely work. Our team has tried them all. Best of luck!

  • I hope try Recipe #2: Baking Soda & Lemon Juice, I did suffer bz of acne and I’m fed up trying Medical Treatment. Hope this LL work on me.

  • Great recipes but if you mix one aspirin with 2 tablespoons of water you get a very thin soup, not a paste!!

  • Oops – we meant 2 teaspoons. Two teaspoons will give you a paste!


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