Homemade Acne Cleanser: Shocking But Highly Effective Techniques!

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Have you ever wondered how our ancestors dealt with acne? I mean, they didn’t have access to the chemically-laced products we have today.

So what did they use if anything?

Now I’m not saying they definitely used the homemade acne cleanser I’m about to show you, but certainly there are ingredients in nature they could have taken advantage of if they wanted to. And in my opinion – at least at the beginning – are MORE effective than most of the products you can buy in stores.

I have for you today one homemade acne cleanser for the morning and a separate one for the evening that I want you to try out for one month. Try to think of them like detox for your skin. Their sole purpose is to bring back balance as far as PH goes and trust me at least one of them is going to really SHOCK YOU!

Homemade MORNING Acne Cleanser #1: Some Strawberries and… Aspirin??

Yep that’s right, we’re gonna mix up a concoction of fresh strawberries and aspirin.  What’s funny is, this cleanser ain’t the shocking one!

First let’s talk about why we’re going to use each of these ingredients.


There’s a lot to like about strawberries. For starters, they’re extremely low on the glycemic index. Foods that can be considered high on the glycemic index are those that can be digested faster than normal. Some examples being: sweets, baked goods and refined grain like white bread.

If a food is digested too quickly, it can have a serious impact on blood sugar and insulin levels, leading to hormonal changes. It’s this dramatic change in hormone levels that lead to acne breakouts.

Not what we want at all!

Not only are strawberries great for consumption, but they also contain a high amount of salicylic acid. This has a unique ability to exfoliate the cell walls inside your pores. By removing any dead skin in that area, you lower the chances of your pores becoming clogged: the first step towards any acne breakout.

Yep these little guys are insanely good for our skin, especially when combined with…


Okay so right now you’re thinking “WTF”! I know it sounds ridiculous to apply aspirin to your skin, but bear with me for a second.

Did you know that aspirin also contains the same salicylic acid mentioned above. Yep that’s right and when combined with the anti-inflammatory properties it contains, this tiny pill – most of us use to relieve a headache – is one serious acne fighting agent!

By doubling down on the amount of salicylic acid, we can easily get the recommended 0.5% – 2% concentration we need to keep our pores completely unclogged.

Combine that with the anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce redness, this homemade acne cleanser is going to have a serious impact on your skin.

Making Your Cleanser

This isn’t hard by any means. You just want to make sure you use the right amount of each ingredient and fortunately I have that for you here:

The first step is pretty simple. Just take 3 aspirins and crush them using the back of a spoon. By the time you’re done, it should look nice and powdery. You don’t want any large chunks as that may result in less absorption into your skin.

Next, take 2 fresh whole strawberries and dice them finely before placing them into a small bowl. Make sure the chunks aren’t too large as it will effect the next step, which is…

Pour the crushed aspirin into the bowl of diced strawberries. Take a fork and mash the mixture together until it seems nice and even. The aspirin may not dissolve fully into the strawberry juice so if this happens, add in a 1/2 cup of water.

The final step is to actually apply the cleanser to your skin. Don’t be shy, use as much as you can and rub it in a circular motion. Leave the cleanser on for about 5 minutes to allow the ingredients to completely soak in before washing off with warm water.

Finally go ahead and apply your moisturizer. For the sake of sticking to all natural ingredients, I would recommend using something like jojoba oil which is basically the closest thing to the oil your skin produces naturally, except for one important factor…

It won’t clog your pores!

Now this is for the morning only. When it comes to cleaning your skin after a long hard day at school or work, I totally recommend trying out this wacky homemade acne cleanser.

Homemade EVENING Acne Cleanser #2: Cleaning Oil With “Oil”

Okay I know this sounds like complete and utter nonsense, but bear with me for a second.

Have you ever heard the old saying, “like attracts like”? Well in the case of removing the dirty sebum oil produced by your skin, there’s no better way of doing that than by using other types of oils.

Specifically extra virgin olive oil(EVOO) and castor oil.

Sebum oil is considered a non-polar solvent. You don’t need to know what that means, just that EVOO and castor oil are also classified in the same group of solvents. The strange thing about these types of oil is they have the ability to dissolve eachother, essentially replacing themselves with…well…themselves.

By applying EVOO and castor oil to your wash, you can almost instantly dissolve any of the “dirty” sebum, with new clean synthetic oil that reacts exactly the same with your skin.

Kinda like getting an oil change for your car, but less expensive!

Making & Applying Your Oil

Before getting started, let me warn you that this isn’t going to be the most comfortable of facial cleansers you will try. It’s going to go against your every instinct to apply more oil to your face, but trust me it works!

Here’s what you need to do:

It’s very important to get the right amount of each ingredient. So in a bowl mix 3 tablespoons of pure castor oil with 1 tablespoon of EVOO. Take a whisk and mix the two together until it all seems nice and even.

Next take about a quarter-sized amount of the oil mix and rub your hands together. Massage the oil into your skin in a circular motion for about a minute. Make sure you start with a dry face to begin with as any water on you skin, may have an effect on the results.

The third step is to take a hot washcloth and place it over your face as soon as the one minute of massaging is up. Leave it on for another minute or so until the cloth has cooled down significantly.

Finally once your washcloth has cooled down, wring it out and use it to wipe off the remaining oil. The best thing about this cleanser is you won’t even need to apply a moisturizer. :-)

Try and apply this evening oil cleanse about 20 minutes before you go to bed. Sleep is your best friend when it comes to replenishing your skin, so by replacing the old dirty oil with a new clean and balanced variety, you’re helping your skin to properly replenish new cells.

Something we definitely want to see as acne sufferers!

The Results You Can Expect

I’m not joking when I say that after the first day of applying both of these homemade acne cleansers, you will notice a difference. Especially after the evening cleanse, where your skin should feel smooth beyond belief.

And after a month of daily application, you can pretty much guess what kind of results you might see. If you don’t have time to apply both cleansers every day, every other should still offer some pretty amazing results.

Either way, this is by far the best way to naturally cleanse your face.

Over To You!

What did you think of both of these homemade acne face cleansers? Drop me a comment in the box below, or if you liked this post, please like it on Facebook, Tweet it or Pin it on Pinterest and I would be ever so grateful!

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  • Julianna Dantema February 22, 2013 4:38 am

    I was wondering could I substitute coconut oil for the EVOO in the night cleanser? Or is it best to stick with EVOO and the castor oil?

  • Absolutely! I also love Coconut oil :-)

  • I used to do the OCM when I was on birth control and it worked wonderfully. I stopped birth control almost a year ago and my facial acne is awful! I have considered trying the OCM again because Proactiv is killing my face, but I am scared it will make it break out even more! Do you think the reason I was seeing such great results with the OCM before was only because I was on birth control? Because it was making me break out when I stopped taking it.

  • hmmm birth control can be a funny thing…it seems to affect different people in all different ways so I can’t give you an exact answer. Also, I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction.

    As for Proactiv, I’m not a fan whatsoever of Proactiv. It’s a pretty shit product…they just have tons of money for marketing which is why I think everyone is under the impression that it’s good.

    If I were you I would either start the OCM again or you could always check out this review Sabrina’s sister did on Exposed –> http://besskincare.com/exposed-acne-review

    Hope that helps :-)

  • I was just wondering does the evening cleanse remove make up as well?

  • It should but I guess it depends on how much makeup you wear :)

  • Hi! I was wondering if you had to make both of the cleansers fresh everyday or if it would work just making like a larger amount of it and keeping it in the fridge( for the strawberries) or something like that? :)

  • Hey Nicole,

    You could make a larger batch but it’s probably best you don’t make too big of a batch as you don’t want the ingredients to turn. Maybe a few days worth is big enough :)

  • Hi I was wondering if I don’t have strawberries is there another fruit that is high in salicylic acid? Also if I don’t have castor oil is it better to just use EVOO or in conjunction with a substitute oil? Thank you

  • Grapefruit, cherries and raspberries are said to be high in salicylic acid. I’m not 100% sure about swapping out the oil, so do so at your own discretion!

  • I couldn’t find castor oil in my area…can you suggest other oil that I can substitute it? Tank you.

  • You could substitute it for Grapeseed Oil. This is usually found in your grocery store :)

  • hello will the aspirin mess up like my face will it clog my pores. Cause i really wanna try it but im not sure if its safe for my face.

  • No, aspirin will not clog your pores. It makes for a great spot treatment!

  • Hai nice cleansers but dont u think castor oil makes ur skin so oily and can cause more pimple. ?

  • The oil actually reduces your skins natural production of oil hence, less pimples :)


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