Weird and Wacky Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

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home remedies for stretch marks

You’re feeling pretty good about yourself. You’ve been hitting the gym, you’re all toned up and you’re ready to bare your best in an itty bitty bikini.

But hold up. What’s that? Could it be? No.

YES! It’s a stretch mark.

Stretch marks are unsightly and can really affect a gal’s self confidence, but what are they and how do we get them?

So glad you asked!

The Unsavory Secrets of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused exactly by how they sound; when skin is stretched too tightly. Your skin can be stretched over fat, muscle or a growing baby bump.

What happens is the dermis begins to tear as the skin stretches. Tearing causes inflammation and the skin to turn fun shades of red and purple.

With time scars can lighten, but still remain slightly coloured. The outer layer of skin also stretches, which makes the underlying marks easier to see.

Your body’s level of collagen can influence your likelihood of getting stretch marks. Fad dieting and sudden weight gains or losses are also a major contributor, so be wary of this.

There is also one precursor to stretch marks that may shock you; stress. I’m usually a bundle of stress so it’s a wonder my body isn’t littered with stretch marks. Not that I’m saying I want stretch marks! *knocks on wood*

Stress can trigger sudden weight gain from stress-eating and rev up your cortisol levels. Increased cortisol levels can also lead to weight gain, but more importantly, it breaks down your collagen making your skin’s elasticity vulnerable to marks.

5 Wacky Home Remedies for Stretch Marks!

There are several at home remedies for stretch marks you can take advantage of to prevent and reduce the appearance of your stretch marks. Here are my top 5 faves!

Potato Juice

Who knew that potatoes could be such a versatile vegetable? Not only does the juice from a raw potato reduce the look of dark circles and puffy eyes, but it also helps restore your stretched skin.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, all you have to do is slice a raw potato and rub it over your affected skin. Do this for 5 minutes then let the juice dry on your skin. Once the potato juice residue becomes flaky, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Applying potato juice to your stretch marks twice daily for a few weeks should yield some pretty awesome results.


Nothing fancy here folks, just plain white sugar will do.

White sugar is a great (and gentle) exfoliator that can be used with a dash of almond oil and lemon juice to make a powerful stretch mark remover.

Mix together 1 part sugar to 2 parts almond oil and lemon juice for a runny paste. Rub over your trouble zones for 3-5 minutes, then hop in the shower and rinse off. Do this daily for one month and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is one of my favourite plants. I always have a fresh aloe plant hanging around because it treats so many skin ailments and issues.

In regards to stretch marks, the nutrients found in aloe help heal and soothe the stressed skin. Just rub fresh aloe onto your stretch mark and leave it. The aloe will soak into your skin nicely and then work its wonderous magic.


Most skin issues become exacerbated because we forget to drink our daily dose of water.

And while it seems too basic to be one of my home remedies for stretch marks, sucking back some high quality H2O will detoxify, restore your skin’s elasticity and hydrate your skin making it less susceptible to stretching.

Make sure you drink anywhere between 1.5-2.5 litres of water a day and avoid dehydrating drinks like coffee and alcohol.

Sounds daunting, but if you replace your morning coffee with hot water and lemon instead you’ll still be perky and your skin will look better. Just one of my  many savy secrets for looking good sans makeup!


Pucker up baby, it’s about to get sour up in this piece!

The acidity in lemons is a savior when it comes to treating stretch marks. All you have to do is cut a lemon in quarters and rub one quarter over your stretch marks. Do this for a minimum of 10 minutes.

The lemon juice will help fade the redness from your stretch mark and repair damaged  skin tissue.

Don’t get discouraged by stretch marks; take charge and harness the raw power of that sassy minx, Mother Nature to make your own home remedies for stretch marks and rid your body of them for good.


If All Else Fails…

Try checking out this video I found that has a couple of really amazing home remedies for stretch marks:

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