Exposed Skin Care Body Acne Kit: Back-ne Be Gone!

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Exposed skin care body acne kitYou know what I like most about summer? Wearing next to no clothes. I’m a bit of a nudist, one might say.

You know what kills a nudey sesh though? Back-ne. Or Chest-ne. Well, body acne in general.

Fighting acne on your face can be a rough go, but having to deal with it all over your body is downright aggravating.

Most people expect a little acne on their face, so it’s much more embarrassing to have it on your body. People with body acne tend to be a bit more self conscious, so activities like beach days aren’t as enticing to them as they should be.

So, why do we get body acne and what do we do about it? I’m about to tell you!

The 411 on Body Acne

Similar to facial acne, body acne is caused by hormonal changes, lifestyle choices and clogged pores. Unlike your face, your body has larger pores, which makes it easier for larger pimples to grow.

Fun fact: There are only two places on your body you can never get acne; your palms and soles of feet. These two areas do not contain sebaceous glands, therefore no acne.

Like facial acne, we can never be 100% certain what causes acne, but certain factors can definitely irritate the situation. Clothes rubbing against the skin, lingering sweat after a workout or constantly re-wearing the same dirty clothes or lying in the same messy bed, can all lead to body acne.

How Do I Get Rid of Body Acne?

The folks over at Exposed Skin Care were gracious enough to send me one of their Body Acne Kits to test out. Included in this kit was their Body Wash, Acne Treatment Serum and Derm-X Body Cloth.Exposed skin care body acne kit complete kit

The body wash contains 3 known acne-fighting active ingredients:

– Salicylic Acid for clearing pores
– Pro-vitamin B5 for regulating your skin’s oil production
– Sage Extract for detoxifying the skin.

It is a gentle exfoliating scrub with small microbeads and the fresh scent of tea tree oil.

Both sulfate and paraben free, it utilizes natural extracts and acne medicine to clear your acne without drying out your skin.

The Acne Treatment Serum is a great addition to this kit. It can be used as a type of spot treatment to help nip bigger blemishes in the bud.

Containing tea tree oil, green tea extract and benzoyl peroxide, this serum kills acne causing bacteria, promotes healing and prevents future breakouts.

The Derm-X Body Cloth is the cherry on top of this acne-fighting cake. Ok, eww! Who would want a bite out of that cake?

Anyways, this body cloth allows you to gently exfoliate your skin for better cell turnover and healing. It helps whisk away bacteria, dirt and grime from your body that may be causing your acne. The exfoliating fibers of the cloth give you a visibly smoother, even skin tone.

What We Loved About Exposed Skin Care Body Acne Kit

You may remember reading my sister’s slightly-less-than-stellar review on the original Exposed skin care line, so you may be surprised to find that we both quite liked this product.

I have sensitive skin and my sister has combination. Neither of us felt that the body wash dried us out or left our skin feeling oily. The refreshing scent and microbeads left us feeling so fresh, so clean.

I especially liked the body cloth. I’m a habitual body exfoliater and this cloth was the perfect material. It wasn’t so coarse that it rubbed your skin raw, but not too fluffy that you felt like you were rubbing a face cloth all over yourself.

What We Loathed About Exposed Skin Care Body Acne Kit

There’s nothing we particularly loathed or even disliked about the Exposed Skin Care Body Acne Kit. The serum can be harsh on clear skin, so we found it was best used only on blemished areas. Otherwise, we were quite impressed.

Sold at a reasonable price for 60 days worth of product, you won’t feel ripped off if you want to give this product a try. Their “Clear Skin in 30-Days” plus 1 year money back guarantee make this purchase even less stressful, something we both really dug about the product.

All in all, if you’re sick of feeling embarrassed or bashful about your body acne and want to find a product that works, fast, simply click the link below to check out the Exposed Skin Care Body Acne Kit for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Click Here to Learn More About the Exposed Skin Care Body Acne Kit and Get Rid of Your Body Acne Fast!

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