My Exposed Acne Treatment Review After 4 Weeks

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My full Exposed acne review

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now but I figured, hey, there is no better time to write my Exposed acne treatment review than today while it’s snowing and miserable outside and I just want to hibernate.

So let’s get into it…

Exposed Skin Care has been around since 2002 and strives to produce the best acne treatment products. They have a total of 9 products available but for the purpose of my Exposed acne review, I’m only going to talk about the 4 products we tested. Who is ‘we’? You’ll find out in a minute…

Facial Cleanser

Step one in this treatment process is using the gentle, soap-free, non-comedogenic facial cleanser.

This cleanser is packed with alpha and beta hydroxy acids that penetrate the pores and kill acne-causing bacteria and germs. It also contains sage which is an all natural cell rejuvenating herb. And you know me, I love me an all-natural ingredient!

Clearing Tonic

This post-cleanser tonic is meant to give those nasty black and whiteheads a run for their grimy money.

This tonic seeps right into your pores and prepares it for the Acne Treatment Serum.

Some of the active ingredients include 1% salicylic acid which is a low enough concentration that it shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin. However, we unfortunately still found it a little irritating for sensitive skin.

Acne Treatment Serum

Serums are meant to delve deep down into your epidermis to heal the root of the problem and this serum is no different. The 3.5% benzoyl peroxide is a bit much but acts as an antiseptic and kills bacteria before acne can be formed.

Clear Pore Serum

To help keep pores clear and rebalance your skin’s natural pH, this serum is best used at night. It is rich in antioxidants and all natural extracts that help repair damaged skin to give it a more youthful glow.

Unfortunately we never really noticed an improvement in the radiance of our skin.

Some of the ingredients include witch hazel which is good for reducing inflammation, green tea extract for its ability to exfoliate and licorice for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Time to Get Personal

Since my skin was looking pretty fresh when I went to try this product, I decided to let my sister Caitlin give it a whirl. She was suffering out from a mild breakout on her forehead and chest at the time, thus needed it more than me.

Included in the kit was what they called a Derm-X cloth. I really wanted to keep it for myself but resisted the urge because I wanted my sister to get the best possible results.

My detailed Exposed acne review

It has been 4 weeks since she started using this product and here’s what she had to say about it:

“My skin has always been temperamental and it just so happened that one of my crazy breakouts happened right after my sister Sabrina received her kit of Exposed Skin Care Treatment.

Since she was blessed with clear skin this particular week, she graciously offered it to me!

The first day I tried the products I was taken aback by all the different scents.

Each product had a very distinctly different (and not so pleasing) aroma; some better than others.

Yes, I realize this isn’t that important so I’ll get to the good stuff.

So far, I am pretty unimpressed with the facial cleanser. It is light and you feel clean after using it. Although I wish it had more of a balance in the amount of dry to moisture ratio.

I found the Clearing Tonic a little acidic. It felt harsh on my skin during application, but not a burning type of harsh, just an irritating kind of harsh.

My full Exposed acne review

After the facial cleanser, I found the Acne Treatment Serum to be my favourite product. I used it like a spot treatment and within 5-6 days my biggest blemishes had wilted away. I was pretty happy about that but it also would have been nice if it hadn’t taken that long.

As for the Clear Pore Serum…not my fave. The smell reminds me of my father’s Anisette liqueur and it felt heavy and thick on my skin.

I put it on before bedtime and when I woke up, it had dried on the outer layer of my skin, but had reduced a tiny bit of the redness I was experiencing. I can only presume this to be an encouraging thing.

All in all, it was okay as far as acne treatments go, but definitely not my first choice.

My kit didn’t also come with a moisturizer – Exposed apologized and said they would send it to me but at the time of writing this I still haven’t received it which is kind of annoying.

If I had received the moisturizer I’m sure it would have made my post-Clearing Tonic experience a little better.

There are loads of positive reviews on their line of acne treatments, including more information on the kit I used.

This kit is worth checking out and giving it a shot if you have more severe acne and don’t mind a little irritation and dryness in place of results.”

– Caitlin

One Final Word

Laying it there on the line, Caitlin’s first hand experience with the product definitely shows its pitfalls, as well as its few advantages.

Ultimately she was moderately happy with Exposed acne treatment but wouldn’t use it again.

However, since then she has tried Zenmed and has had nothing but good things to say about it. Click here to check out her Zenmed review and see what sort of results she saw in only a few weeks.

Buy Exposed Acne Treatment

Exposed Acne Treatment

Price: $49.99-$94.95

4 and a half stars

Others gave this 4.5 out of 5 stars


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  • barbara rea May 8, 2013 11:18 am

    I have been using this product for five weeks now and it has cleared my skin right up. I have really oily skin and work with steam and grease in a kitchen. It had the right amount of drying for what I needed. But the moisture is necisary. I find the different scents refreshing and the product soothing and healing. My face was raw and hurt all the time before this. I will continue to use it.

  • That’s awesome! There’s nothing worse than raw, painful skin so we’re happy you enjoy this so much! Cheers

  • Hi … I have used this product, but the burning my face and redness in the first week and then I did not Bsthaddamh the Mnma week I hope this response is normal or does not match my face. Did you face difficulty like me in the beginning

  • Sabrina’s sister definitely felt a burning sensation from some of the products as well…but she liked some of the others. She eventually stopped using it and switched to Zenmed. You could take a look at that review if you want –> http://besskincare.com/zenmed-review

    Hope that helps

  • I have just started using exposed and so far it’s really good. I understand what you mean by the acne treatment being heavy.
    I was wondering if you could give me some advice. The clearing tonic really irritates my skin. It makes it extremely red and very painful. I really want the best result so I fear if I stop using it my skin won’t get any better.
    If YOH have any advice about what I should do or if you have a contact number for exposed that would be fab.
    Great review


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