Apple Stem Cell Technology At The Exhale Skincare Launch…How Techy Of Them!

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Apple Stem Cell Cloud CreamExhale Skincare have been spreading their wings lately, completing and launching their first introduction into the world of apple stem cell skincare.

Their product, Apple Stem Cell Cloud Cream, is the most recent addition to the world of stem cell skin therapy. This new avenue into anti aging is starting to gain some followers and this new cream is certain to turn heads.

The stem cells themselves can only be found in one specific breed of apples, found in Switzerland with it’s name being known as, Uttwiler Spatlauber. What most people don’t realize is that it’s not the stem cells from this apple which is important for anti aging purposes, but instead the compound extracted, which is known as malus domestica.

After many years of research, scientists were able to discover that this compound not only has the ability to stop the aging process in our skin, but to also REVERSE it which is something that hadn’t been discovered prior to this point in time.

The important question however is, have Exhale Skincare got it right with their new Cloud Cream or is the formula not as effective as what they claim?

It’s early days now, but we have to hand it to them for attempting to be inventive and try out a new form of technology. Whether or not it has the potential to compete against other products like Vivexin LifeCell or Hydroxatone, well, only time will tell.

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  • I recently purchased their cleanser , and so far its still early to say if it good or not. but i suppose since the ingriedients are natural and good for ance, eczema & dermatitis skin types , but says for all skin types , i have very dry eczema prone skin . It feels good on the skin , alittle bit goes along way ,so you dont need to pump out that much to cleanse your skin. afterwords my skin felt alittle tight , the cleanser alone it makes my face a bit dry but i think with the facial cream your face might feel alot softer. didnt get to purchase the cream just yet but will plan to do so . i thought id give it a try since i saw this product being reviewed by someone on youtube , so i thought why not !So far i can say i like it , love it mabe not yet . but then again this is just my personal opinion , others may differ .

  • Thanks for the feedback Sharon, we’re definitely interested in hearing what you think after using the cream for a few more weeks but so happy to hear it is working so far :-)

  • Wait a second… Where do i buy it? Lol!

  • From their official website is probably best – Exhaleskincare.com

  • Every time I try to visit the website they tell me it’s unavailable): where else can I buy exhale skin products from?

  • Hmmm maybe they are just sold out or maybe they have stopped production? I’m not too sure as I haven’t heard anything from them in ages.

    Sorry about that Jenna :-)


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