Elite Serum Review: What’s So Elite About It Anyways?

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Our Elite Serum ReviewDark under eye circles are a pain in the…well…face. Some people have them as a result of high sodium diets, too many late nights, allergies or even good ol’ genetics.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of putting cucumber slices over your puffy eyes or even cold metal spoons, but who has time to do that every morning?

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a solid product. One of our favourites is Elite Serum.

What’s So Elite about Elite Serum?

Elite eye serum is a revolutionary product that was scientifically designed with a whole host of potent peptides.

These unique peptides do more than ditch dark circles. They reduce the look of fine lines and crow’s feet and de-puff swollen eyes. Regular use also helps tone and lift your skin for beautifully youthful peepers.

Let’s talk peptides, shall we?

The 6 Peptides Found in Elite Eye Serum

There are 6 active and truly unique peptides found in Elite Serum.


A needle free alternative to traditional injectables.

Especially effective on the forehead and eyes, this peptide seriously reduces wrinkle depth. Theoretically, it mimics the effects of cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections.


There is an incredibly long winded and confusing explanation of what this octapeptide does on the official Elite Serum website, but I’ll break it down nice and simple for you.

SNAP-8 basically prevents your body from emitting neurotransmitters that cause muscles contractions. These muscle contractions are what cause lines and wrinkles so preventing them from releasing is essential to youthful skin.


This ingredient is key for de-puffing and reducing swelling. It does this by increasing lymphatic drainage which helps clear fluid from your eyes that may be causing them to look dark and swollen.


A combination of 3 peptides, Eyeliss quickly reduces the puffiness and bagginess of the under eye area by up to 70% after application.

Matryxil 3000

This multipeptide is used to restore moisture and hydration around the eyes. It has also been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 45% in as little as 2 months time.


A stimulator of collagen synthesis, this peptide helps your skin produce more collagen for tighter, younger looking skin.

Our Elite Serum Review and Why We Love It

We’ve tried what feels like a million and one anti-aging products. While many of them get our seal of approval they could still be improved. Each product tends to leave out one important element.

Elite eye serum is amazing because it contains every ingredient you’d want to reduce puffiness, darkness and restore youth to your eyes.

From collagen boosting peptides to de-puffing, lightening and moisturizing ingredients, your eyes will be receiving the ultimate in treatment.

I witnessed V use this product and saw an amazing difference in her under eye circles.

Like her Elite Serum review says, the only thing worth disliking about this product is the price. Set at $89.95, it’s a little pricey, but you get incredible quality.

Speaking of price…

The Best Place to Buy Elite Serum

Before I even get into the topic of where you should buy Elite Serum let’s discuss that price tag.

I know, I know, $89.95 is a tad steep, but when you have tried nearly every other product out there to solve your under eye issues, you just want to find something that works.

Elite Serum works.

In addition to the noticeable results you’ll get you are also given two options for payment. Win!

Your first option is to buy the product as a one-off at it’s original price of $89.95. That means you will only ever get that one tube, unless you choose to order more at a later date.

Your second option is to take Elite eye Serum up on their replenishment program deal that comes with a lower fee (only $59.95!) that you can cancel at any time. That means you will never run out of Elite Serum and will never have to deal with unsightly eye issues ever again.

Trust me, if you’re going to buy Elite Serum, this is plan you’re gonna want.

Finally, you should know that you can only claim this deal through Elite Serum’s official website—no other third-party websites are able to offer this deal.

So, if you do want to test out the replenishment program, click here to check out the company’s main website.

Now if you are like us, you want to hear more than just one person’s review on a product you are thinking of buying.

Well,  no fret because we have found a bunch of Elite Serum reviews from actual customers:

Elite Serum Reviews from Actual Customers

I never ever give reviews for anything, but this cream worked so well for me that i decided to take the time to actually write a review about it. Basically, after i got my lasik i had really bad dark circles under my eyes that made me feel like a grandma. I started to wear this before going to bed (despite the instructions saying wear twice a day) and within 3-4 days i noticed the dark was clearing up, i can actually walk around without makeup now. I tried other products as i said in a reply to one of the reviews here, and after seeing the results (although not drastic at first) it made a difference. Now it’s been 1 month since i ordered, and i still have the tube, because i don’t use it daily, i use it every other day when i remember because i’m so bad at remember lol, but anyway, give it a try, it works.” – Celia, Amazon.com

I have been using for about 3-4 weeks and think I notice a significant difference in the puffiness around my eyes. I’m 60. A young sixty but have had puffy eyes off and on for several years. I thought I looked awful, started using this product and I see a definite improvement.” – Beverly, Dublin, Ireland

The combination of claiming darkness reduction with Haloxyl and antioxidants and wrinkle depth with Argireline and Snap 8 with a slew of other peptides roped me in. Bought Elite Serum having to know if this was just marketing hype or the real medical treatment sought after for so many years. On my second airless syringe, month 3, I noticed the substancial difference I was hoping to find. Photos of skin under my eyes show a true variance in the quality of my skin, with the latter showing more plump, glowing skin without abrasians, darkness, or deep crow’s feet wrinkles. The corner’s of my eyes have a much lesser crevace (crow’s foot) to the naked eye. The results satisfied me, and as a former slave to injectables, this is a much more simple approach to looking better without invasion.” – Santiago, Amazon.com

I bought this after Dr. Oz talked about argirelene products on his show and after reading some of the other reviews on here. I’ve been applying Elite Serum for a few weeks now and have seen lots of improvement to my skin. This has been a great help and I will keep using.” – Harry, Amazon.com

The Verdict on Elite Serum

Simply put, we can’t get enough of this product. If you want to read more and hear V gush over her love of it (as well as a few readers), be sure to check out her Elite Serum review.

And if you’re looking to lighten and brighten your eyes then click the link below to check out the official Elite Serum website!

Click Here to Visit Elite Serum’s Official Website and Learn More About What it Can Do For Your Eyes

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