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How To Reduce Puffy Eyes with Natural Makeup Removers

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How To Reduce Puffy EyesIf you’ve ever partied so hard you couldn’t physically crawl your way to the bathroom and wash off your makeup, then this one’s for you.

Now, I’m not condoning hectic partying; I’m just being realistic. Sometimse it gets the best of us. If you’re not a partier, then perhaps you’re just a lazy Lucy and couldn’t be bothered to wash off your makeup. I also don’t condone this. Tsk Tsk!

Having a good eye makeup remover is seriously underrated. For the aforementioned scenarios, or say Halloween, it’s essential to clean off that makeup and keep your pores clear.

Heaven forbid you break out, but not properly washing off makeup, especially eye makeup, can lead to infections and puffy eyes. Ick. [Keep Reading]

How To Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

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How To Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Your EyesDark under eye circles in your younger years are expected. Late nights, poor food choices and allergies all play a part, but what about under eye wrinkles?

Yes, we’ve all heard about crow’s feet. Those darling little wrinkles that begin to form from too much smiling (we hope!) and the general wear and tear of using our eyes on a regular basis often start cropping up in our 20’s. Just because nature says it’s time to wrinkle, doesn’t mean we have to go with it.

So what are some tips on how to get rid of wrinkles under your eyes or perhaps even wrinkles around your mouth?

Well, inevitably I’m going to end up giving in and using a high quality under eye serum to help rid me of those wrinkles, but for now I’m going au naturale. Would you expect anything less of me? [Keep Reading]

How To Conceal Dark Circles, The DIY Way

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How To Conceal Dark Circles the DIY Way

Not too long ago V helped you fight against pesky under eye circles by delivering some seriously effective DIY tricks and educating you on the causes.

In between then and now, I realized that sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to stop those dark circles from making an appearance.

Rather than be a slave to your home and hide your tired eyes from the public, I’m going to show you how to conceal dark circles effectively and of course, throw in a few more tricks because that’s how I roll! [Keep Reading]

What Causes Under Eye Circles and How The Hell To Get Rid of ‘Em!

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Information on what causes under eye circles and how you can get rid of them for good!

Well I did it! I got all wifed up, said I Do, and had a raucous night of celebrating our nuptials with my new hubby and our closest friends and family! It was one hell of a memorable week and while I tried to relax, sleep in, and take it easy for a week straight it didn’t exactly go down that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I TRIED to sleep in and relax but being the stresser that I am, I didn’t sleep in once meaning I looked tired the whole effing week. And what intensifies when you’re tired? Dark under eye circles.

Now I’ve mentioned before that I am cursed with dark under eye circles and have tried many a thing to get rid of these annoying under eye circles but no matter what DIY remedies I try, those bastards just won’t disappear!

Which got me wondering – what causes under eye circles and how the hell can I get rid of them for good? [Keep Reading]

Younger Looking Eyes And How To Get Them

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One thing I am learning as I get older is that all my ‘younger Vanessa’ skincare habits are really starting to creep up on me, and I don’t like it one bit. *shakes fist at younger Vanessa*

From my reckless and sunscreen-less days of my young 20s to my former poor eating habits, rubbing my eyes all summer thanks to allergies to my night-owl ways, my skin has decided it has had enough and I am now noticing a few wrinkles creeping up. Especially around my eye area.

So what is a girl to do when she wants to hold onto her youthful look and get younger looking eyes?


[Keep Reading]

Annoying Under Eye Circles And How To Get Rid Of Them

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If you have been around these parts long enough, you have probably heard us rant and rave…well…mostly rant on this site about under eye circles and how freakin’ annoying they can get. Especially when they won’t go away!

Well they must be annoying to women other than us because we got our first Q to A from one of our readers, Taylor who wanted to know how she could get rid of her dark circles.

Being that we are clearly dark circle soul sistahs, we decided to shoot a little video and give her, and you, tips on how to get rid of those nasty under eye circles because hey, we like shooting videos!

[Keep Reading]

Reduce Dark Circles Under Your Eyes The DIY Way

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Home remedies for dark circlesGirls, we know how annoying dark circles can be and no matter how hard you try to hide them, they always seem to show up in photos…GURRR!

That’s why instead of just masking the problem, we’re going to show you how to reduce dark circles naturally and easily so you don’t have to worry about looking tired ever again :-)

We’re going to reveal a couple of extremely easy home remedies for dark circles, which you can do yourself cheaply and easily. [Keep Reading]

The Best Eye Cream For Those Annoying Fine Lines

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Best eye cream for fine lines Girls, we totally understand the problem being faced nowadays with so many skin care products coming onto  the market. How do we know which one is going to be best for us??

It’s our goal to give you the information you need on all the top eye creams, so that you can make up your mind as to which might be most suitable for you. In our opinion the following product is our top cream for 2012. [Keep Reading]

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