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Skin Lightening Treatments: The DIY Way

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This week I’m mixing things up. Sorta.

I’m still keeping it real and giving you actionable skin lightening treatments that you can do at home, but I’m also getting a little deep this week.

Yep. Real deep.

In fact, this week on top of my DIY tips I’m also dishing out some unsolicited advice, inspired by our girl Morrissey who wrote in with an A about how to lighten her skin.

You see, I hear from many different women of many different ethnicities that they wish they had lighter skin, or that they are just not happy with how their skin looks. And that makes me sad to hear.

So I decided to give my opinion, even though ya didn’t ask for it, on how we ladies should start feeling about ourselves and how we look.

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How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally

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Raise your hand if you have ever gone out into the sun without sunscreen on. *raises her hand*

Now raise your hand if you have ever gotten a sunburn thanks to your lack of sunscreen. *raises both her hands*

Alright, now how many of you ladies have gotten sun spots thanks to your unprotected sun exposure? *waving both her hands in the air like she just don’t care*

It’s a pretty common thing for those of us who made it a habit to go out into the sun unprotected to now have a few of those annoying sun spots.

And while some of us try to not think about it or just accept them, there are women who would rather lighten those annoying spots and get it over with.

The only problem is some lightening creams can cost a pretty penny, some can ravage your skin, and some may just flat out not work.

There are natural solutions however, for those of you who would rather not risk it.

So what are these lightening solutions you ask? Well read on, my fellow skincare sistahs, as I school you on how to lighten your skin naturally.

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Treatment For Melasma: Tips, Tricks And Home Kits

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Treatment For MelasmaA couple of days ago we posted a review on probably the best treatment for Melasma – Meladerm.

Because quite a few people had questions in relation to this product and whether or not there were any cost effective alternatives available, we decided to write another post to see if we could move you guys in the right direction.

Therefore we wanted to offer some extra advice on how to resolve the problem at home, cheaply and by yourself.

In this post we’re going to discuss a couple of methods you can easily do yourself to help reduce the appearance melasma. [Keep Reading]

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