10 Bewitching Uses for Witch Hazel

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10 Bewitching Uses for Witch Hazel

Not too long ago I started using Witch Hazel to help clear up the blackheads that had set up shop on  my nose. I had heard through the beauty grapevine that if rubbed directly over blackheads daily for a few weeks, this handy astringent would clear them right up.

I’m not a very patient person, but I don’t always have time to make egg white pore strips and this was such a quick solution. I was surprised to see how quickly it worked and so began my love of witch hazel. [Keep Reading]

The Top 5 Parabens to Avoid, Starting Now

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top 5 parabens to avoid

You’ve heard their name and you know to watch out for them. The sheer idea even strikes a little bit of fear.

But do you actually know what you’re fearful of?


This eight-lettered word has got the beauty and skin care industries in a tizzy with information surfacing of their dangers. With so many rumors swirling around, it’s time to clear the air. [Keep Reading]

Beer Bath Benefits: A Tasty Libation That is Good for Your Skin

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The many beer bath benefits for beauty

I’m sorry G-free’ers, this post is not for you.

This week I’m talking about gluten-infested, barley rich, wheat-infused beer! I’m sure most of you picture an icy cold pint that feels oh, so good on a hot summers day. I bet you never considered using beer to benefit your skin.

Benefits of Beer

Over the past few years, studies have begun to show the beautifying benefits of beer. Most beers are made from ingredients that are rich with selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B1 and B3. [Keep Reading]

Eat and Glow: The 4 Best Fruits for Skin Care

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A list of the best fruits for skin and how to use them

Now that I live in Thailand, I have made it my mission to unearth alternative skin care techniques that can keep my skin looking as young as possible, without having to spend big money on anti-aging creams.

Luckily, I have Sabrina who has been helping me discover all sorts of home remedies, organic products (hello, Coconut oil!) and even spices that are good for your skin which help to ramp up the radiance while also protecting my skin from any UV damage.

And today is no different because that cheeky little minx has now stumbled onto 4 of the best fruits for skin that are typically found in South East Asia!

Not only do these fruits wipe those wrinkles off your face but they will also moisturize, brighten and tighten your skin. [Keep Reading]

The 4 Best Fruits for Your Skin Straight From Asia

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The 4 best fruits for your skin

Have you ever taken a stroll through the fruit section at an Asian market? I bet there are a few questionable looking fruits that you’ve never seen before. Some might look a little hairy, others may be as spiky as a porcupine, but don’t be deceived by their exterior.

Many of the most uncommon fruits pack the most skintastic benefits. Why then, have we been limiting ourselves to the usual mangoes, avocados and berries?

Well not anymore my friends!

Since V is now living in Thailand – and I’m planning on crashing her party – I’ve become a tad obsessed with all sorts of Asian skinsperation techniques, and this post is no different. [Keep Reading]

Tasty Skincare: Spices That Are Good For Your Skin

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A list of spices that are good for your skin and why

For centuries spices have been used for natural medicines, healing the soul, traded for livelihood, but most recognizably for their abundant flavours and fragrances.

Perhaps what you didn’t know is that there are several spices that are good for your skin and are full of powerful antioxidants which can actually help you fight the signs of premature aging and prevent skin damage.

Give your daily beauty routine a boost by incorporating these 5 spices into your diet. [Keep Reading]

Skincare Tips Straight Outta Asia

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If you’re a regular around these parts you know my husband and I decided to pack our life into two backpacks, move to Thailand and really kick off married life how we always dreamed.

We’ve both been pretty good at living with few material things and keeping only those items with sentimental value which is why Asia and it’s lax-lifestyle seemed so perfect for us.

When I was initially packing my backpack I found it hard to fit in all my beauty and skin care products. I would rearrange and re-organize, trade a pair of shorts for a tube of lotion and all because I couldn’t seem to give up these products.

I wish I was kidding.

[Keep Reading]

The Oh-So-Awesome Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin Care

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The many coconut oil benefits for your skin

So as you guys know my hubby and I recently made the move over to Thailand where we have been living cheap and working hard. While here I have also discovered another amazing benefit of living on a Thai island – Coconuts!

Well, more specifically I have learned first hand the true benefits of Coconut Oil for skin care. I mean, we’re talking softer skin, healthier skin, and skin that somehow looks younger even though it gets constantly blasted with UV rays…no matter how much SPF I slather on.

Naturally, I couldn’t keep this revelation to myself any longer so I decided to shoot a quick video to teach all my fellow skincare lovin’ sistahs how you can harness the benefits of Coconut Oil for skin and make your own cleanser and moisturizer!

[Keep Reading]

5 Coconut Oil Benefits for Natural Beauty

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The many different coconut oil benefits

You know how it works; first it was Blueberries that were the best antioxidant for you, then Pomegranate to Açai and Goji. With time, each fruit was replaced by another simply because there was a new “it” antioxidant.

Like a fad fruit, Coconut Oil bust onto the scene about a year ago. Boasting to benefit your hair, skin, cholesterol, stress and a whole host of other health related issues, it doesn’t appear that Coconut Oil’s popularity is ending any time soon.

Coconut Oil is extracted from the meat of mature Coconuts. It is rich in lauric, capric and caprylic acid which is why it’s so great for personal use. On top of that it holds antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant soothing properties. Pretty impressive for something that falls from a tree, wouldn’t you say?

[Keep Reading]

How To Make Your Own Sunscreen

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A recipe on how to make your own sunscreenYeah, it’s December and yes, the sun is a little hard to come by lately for us northern dwellers but that doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen! And for you southern dwellers, well, let’s just say I’m jealous of your lack of cold weather and gloomy skies!

However, both of us share something in common – no matter where in the world you are, you need to protect your skin from those pesky UV rays.

Sure, you could always head to your local store and pick up an overpriced bottle of sunscreen full of harmful chemicals ready to seep into your pores and eff sh*t up OR you could follow along and learn how to make your own sunscreen that is better for you and costs heaps less.

I choose the latter.

But before we get into that, I have to be honest. Before I really started getting involved with skincare and taking an active interest in my skin and what goes onto it, I really didn’t focus on protecting my skin during the winter months. [Keep Reading]

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