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The Best Mens Anti-Wrinkle Cream Around

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The Best Mens Anti-Wrinkle Cream AroundYooohoooo. Hey boyyyssss!

That’s right. Over here. I’m focusing on you today!

It seems the tides have been changing a bit and men are becoming more comfortable with browsing the skin care aisles.

Having a somewhat more metrosexual society, it’s a lot more common to hear about men taking care of themselves and enjoying a manpering moment here and there.

From moisturizing to manscaping, men are taking a bit more pride in their appearance.

Lucky for us ladies, because although we love a rugged exterior, your over-calloused hands do not feel nice against our delicate skin. [Keep Reading]

Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask: A Manly Man’s Mask

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Menscience Facial Cleansing MaskI have used all my sisters and my mother as guinea pigs for new skin care products. In fact, I ask them to try new products so often I think they are getting sick of it. This I will never understand because I love it so much!

A product arrived in the mail a few weeks ago and the title alone suggested it wasn’t female appropriate. I received the Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask.

I don’t have a boyfriend and couldn’t think of one male friend that would be willing to test it out for me. I was about to do the unfathomable; it was time to ask my father.

Gordo is not a slight man. He’s 6 feet of gruff Scotsman who has no interest in conditioners and lotions, let alone sporting a facial mask for 10 minutes a few times a week. I knew that asking him would require a little finessing, so what did I do? I pulled out my best “Daddy’s little girl” act. [Keep Reading]

A Guide to Using Your Girlfriend’s Skincare Products

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A cheeky guide to using your girlfriend's skincare products*This is a guest post from Nathan*

It’s an objective truth that women have better skin than us guys.

Against their soft, supple and blemish-free faces, our leathery hides stand no chance. So it’s perhaps not surprising that some of us have made a habit of delving into their apparently super-powered skincare products in search of a better deal.

Luckily, in our modern, metrosexual world, no-one bats an eyelid if you moisturize. Unfortunately, if said moisturizer comes in a tasteful white tub or has any sort of feminine wordplay attached to it, it’s still not something you can openly boast about.

So how does an ostensibly manly man go about ‘borrowing’ his significant other’s skin cream on the sly? [Keep Reading]

How To Make Your Own Shaving Cream

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tips on how to make your own shaving cream

BES’ers, I’m pretty freakin’ excited about this one! Why? Because this is my first post for the fellas! Holla!

Recently, I have been receiving a few messages from the boys of BES asking if we only write for chicks.

My answer? Yes.

But I’m open to change. After all, boys need a lil’ DIY TLC too.

So, to kick things off I’m gonna teach the gents out there how to make your own shaving cream that’s healthier, and more gentle on your skin, because from what I hear, constantly shaving your face can leave it feeling a liiiittle irritated.

But I’m going to try and do this in a dude’s voice. You know, so the boys feel more comfortable around these parts.

*clears throat and lowers voice* Okay, here we go…

[Keep Reading]

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