Weird Beauty and Skincare Tricks that Actually Work

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Weird Beauty and Skincare Tricks that Actually Work

*Guest Post by Johny*

It seems like a crazy idea to slather sticky honey on your skin or pour beer on your hair. People will either think you’re into some kind of weird experiment or that you’ve lost your mind.

But you shouldn’t care about what people think as long as you know what you’re doing, right?

These strange, but surprisingly effective beauty fixes will resolve some of the most common beauty issues that you have. [Keep Reading]

3 Effective Exercises for Fighting Cellulite

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3 Effective Exercises for Fighting Cellulite

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was no such thing as cellulite?

In a perfect world we would all have flawless skin, from face to ass. It would be supple and soft, luminescent and even. Alas, this isn’t a perfect world and we have to battle bad habits, genetics and lord knows what else to keep cellulite from taking up permanent residence on our behind.

One of the best ways to give cellulite a run for its money is by exercising. You see, cellulite forms when lots of fatty tissue pushes against the epidermis of your skin. So what better way to tackle it than by targeting the fat its rubbing up against? [Keep Reading]

How To Fight Cellulite With Essential Oils

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How To Fight Cellulite with Essential OilsThe battle against cellulite is constantly ongoing, and today is no different. Those dimpled derrieres, puckered thighs and cottage cheese tummies are about to be blasted into the stratosphere with the wealth of awesome I’m about to share with you.

Now while cellulite may be a result of genetics, poor eating or lifestyle choices, etc., there are ways you can ditch the derriere dimples and do it naturally. One of my favourite (and cheapest) involves the use of a few essential oils.

Say what?

Yes. Essential oils. And yes, they work. [Keep Reading]

Homemade Cellulite Creams that Work

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Homemade Cellulite Creams that WorkI know that true beauty comes from within, but sometimes you need to work on the outside to better the inside. Yes, I know this sounds vain, but after I explain myself I have a feeling you’ll be agreeing.

You see, cellulite isn’t so beautiful and it builds from the inside out. To tackle it from both ends, sometimes you gotta start on top.

Ehrmmm, suppose that last bit could be taken the wrong way. Remove your head from the gutter and hop back on my cellulite-fightin’ bandwagon! [Keep Reading]

Coffee Scrub for Cellulite: Ditch the Derriere Dimples for Good!

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A quick and easy coffee scrub for celluliteCellulite. Yuck.

The word alone brings shivers to my skin.

Cellulite is a ridiculously common skin ailment that drives us ladies bananas. Dimpled derrieres are not a good look and we would stop at nothing to get rid of it.

Luckily, there are several simple homemade remedies we can use to tackle this issue.
Since I like things easy, let’s start by me sharing a 3 ingredient, 3 step, super simple coffee scrub for cellulite. [Keep Reading]

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