Winter Skincare Tips – Because your skin deserves more!

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Winter Skincare Tips

*Guest Post by Emily*

Hoodies, hot cocoa, boots, jeans, pretty colours, crisp air and flushed cheeks!

As the days shrink, the temperatures drop gradually and air turns out cold and dry, it feels good to drag out our comforting warm clothes after bidding goodbye to our shorts and swim suits. But since this is a time of transition, the changes need to be applied not only to our clothes, but to our skin care regime too.

Here are some of our handpicked winter skincare tips so that it stays as fabulous as the year’s last, loveliest smile. [Keep Reading]

The Benefits of Aloe Juice for Skin – Is it For Real or Just a Farce?

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Aloe Drink

For whatever reason my news feed has been buzzing lately with posts on “start your day with lemon water if you want beautiful skin.”

No offence peeps, but that is soooo 2012. We’ve been sipping warm lemon water for years because we know how awesome it is. But what about this other elixir that beauty bloggers have been talking about?

Aloe juice.

People keep claiming the many benefits of aloe juice for skin, but are they legit? Let’s dig into it. [Keep Reading]

8 Great Reasons You Should Get A Facial

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8 Great Reasons You Should Get A Facial*Guest Post by Paige*

Life can be tough for your skin. Whether it’s the blistering summer sun or the drying effects of central heating during the winter months, if you want to look your best at all times (and who doesn’t?) then a proper skin care regime is essential. [Keep Reading]

A Quick and Easy DIY Body Scrub To Help Slough Away Scaly Skin

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Recipes for  3 DIY body scrub

It’s the same thing, every Winter. Every single Winter I brace myself for the onslaught of dry, itchy skin that I am guaranteed to get once the Winter rolls in with it’s cold, unforgiving wind that zaps your skin of any drop of moisture it ever had.

Dramatic? Maybe. But any winter-dwellin’ dame (or dude) who has ever battled through a harsh winter knows that it can certainly take its toll on you.

So instead of rolling over and just taking it this year, I’m switching things up!

This year, I’m gonna scrub what my mama gave me with a luxurious DIY body scrub that will help to exfoliate away that dry, scaly skin, open up my pores, and hydrate my skin even after I towel off.

Oh, and I don’t have just one scrub to share, I’ve got 3!

So what are you waiting for, scroll sistah, scroll. [Keep Reading]

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