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How to Protect Skin from Damage with Health Supplements

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How to Protect Skin from Damage with Health Supplements

*Guest Post by Christopher*

Skin can be easily damaged in subtle and often hard to fix ways. Whether it’s drying out over a cold winter, burning in summer or simply reacting to the weather by becoming oily, it can be all over the place. That’s not to mention wrinkles, dark spots and all other kinds of blemishes! But there is a way to help protect the skin from this damage, and it’s one that’s quite easy to implement!

By focusing on key vitamins and minerals, and adding them in either via your diet or health supplements.

But which health supplements should you focus on? Here are 5 supplements that will help you protect your skin. [Keep Reading]

10 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Daily

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Why You Need to be Drinking Lemon Water Everday

It just dawned on me that after years of going on and on about the importance of starting off your morning with warm lemon water, I’ve never written about it.

So, to rectify that issue I’m finally putting fingers to keyboard. [Keep Reading]

The 3 Pillars of Skin Care and How It Revitalizes the Skin

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The 3 Pillars of Skin Care and How It Revitalizes the Skin

*Guest Post by Zoe*

Everybody wants to have the beautiful and flawless skin. As most of us are aware, being young and flawless is not a piece of cake to do. The truth is that we all go through ageing and some of us have different types of skin. Some even have more stubborn skin than that of others.

To rejuvenate or revitalize simply means to restore, uplift or make youthful looking skin. Some individuals approach experts for facial plastic surgery for an easier and faster way of skin rejuvenation. Everyone would love to rejuvenate their skin, so we provide you with some natural home remedies on how to provide your skin a new, younger life. Also, grasp knowledge on the three pillars of skin care. [Keep Reading]

The Benefits of Aloe Juice for Skin – Is it For Real or Just a Farce?

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Aloe Drink

For whatever reason my news feed has been buzzing lately with posts on “start your day with lemon water if you want beautiful skin.”

No offence peeps, but that is soooo 2012. We’ve been sipping warm lemon water for years because we know how awesome it is. But what about this other elixir that beauty bloggers have been talking about?

Aloe juice.

People keep claiming the many benefits of aloe juice for skin, but are they legit? Let’s dig into it. [Keep Reading]

The Ultimate DIY Anti Aging Method

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The Ultimate DIY Anti Aging Method

It’s no secret that we love trying new skincare products. We live and breathe all things beauty and skincare then share what we learn and love with you here, on BESskincare.com.

Now, it’s also no secret that anti aging is one of our hottest topics. And how could it not be?

Celebrities these days seem to be looking younger with age, not the other way around. I mean, can we just discuss how flawless Jennifer Aniston looks? If only we could be so lucky!

While we’ve shared plenty of homemade recipes for anti aging creams and anti wrinkle masks, not to mention reviews on our favourite products like Lifecell and Elite Serum RX, today we’re going to be talking about the ultimate DIY anti aging method…and we think you’ll be surprised at how natural it is. [Keep Reading]

7 Food Habits That Can Harm Your Face

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Food Habits That Harm Skin*Guest Post by Sonam*

In this day and age, everyone is a part of a race to be the best, richest and smartest. The hectic and stressful lifestyle is taking a toll on the health of the people and making them look older than their age. More so, people can’t be bothered to take care of their skin and looks.

The negligence is leading to elevated skin ailments and early signs of aging. The least we can do is keep a tab on our diet to save our face some torture. [Keep Reading]

Homemade Anti Aging Cream

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How to make your own homemade anti aging moisturizer

Sure you can go out and buy yourself an anti aging cream. Sure that store bought cream will be “great,” but did you ever consider what’s actually in it?

Going au natural is one of the best things you can do to preserve your youth and beauty and knowing exactly what you are putting on your skin is absolutely essential.

Since I’m a lover of all things DIY, I’m going to share with you a homemade anti aging cream that is not only cheap, but effective.

Paraben-free, chemical-free, cruelty-free…let’s just make this easy and say all-bad-stuff-free, this recipe is going to be a go-to for you in your quest for younger looking skin. [Keep Reading]

A Simple Homemade Face Lift

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A quick and easy homemade face lift

Sir Isaac Newton once said “What goes up, must come down.” He demonstrated this by tossing an apple in the air and catching it. Ladies, we demonstrate it in a much different way; wilting skin, drooping breasts, sagging tummy. Aren’t we lucky?

While common remedies have included going under the knife or getting an injection or two, I’d rather try something a little less conventional. Something a little more natural and if I’m being frank; something a helluva lot more budget friendly.

There are 3 techniques that when used together, form the hat trick of homemade face lift solutions. [Keep Reading]

How To Tighten Facial Skin

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Tips on how to tighten facial skin

We already know there are several products you can slather onto your skin to help slow down the aging process. Hell, there are even foods you can eat to kick it into low gear  – my favourite way to battle aging. *wink*

I bet it never crossed your mind to give you face a little workout though!

If the sheer act of physical exertion can help keep your body feeling young, then surely the same can be said about working out your face muscles.

Part of maintaining a youthful appearance involves preserving your skin’s elasticity so I’m going to share some simple exercises on how to tighten facial skin. [Keep Reading]

Vampire Facial Treatment: Show Us Your V Face!

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How to make your own vampire facial treatment

This week’s post is about to be a bloody mess…no, literally.

If you haven’t seen that wickedly horrific photo of Kim Kardashian with a blood-stained face then you have been living under a rock, my friend.

A few weeks ago Kim K. tweeted about her Blood Facial, aka. the Vampire Facial treatment.

When I googled it, not much information was available. What I understood was that basically a doctor takes a small sample of the patients own blood and injects it into their face. Somehow, this is supposed to reduce the look of aging. [Keep Reading]

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